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Is your toddler ready to potty-train? Here are some signs to consider.

There's no magical age at which children should start to use the potty, but some develop the cognitive & physical skills to do so between 18 and 24 months of age.

It's really not a one-size-fits-all approach as many toddlers are ready to embark on this adventure by 2-2.5 years old while others show absolutely no interest until they are 3 or even 4 years old.

Before a baby's first birthday, though they may already begin to show interest in doing the toilet dance, bladder control isn't something they're up to achieving. 

Even when a tot has mastered daytime dryness, keeping it in all night long should be seen as a separate potty-training milestone altogether.



Physical signs

  • Can walk or even run independently.
  • Urinates a fairly substantial amount at a time
  • Has well-formed bowels at relatively predictable times
  • Has had "dry" periods during the day, sometimes even during naptimes-this shows the bladder muscles has developed sufficiently

Behavioral signs

  • Is able to sit for 2 - 5 minutes
  • Is able to pull pants and underwear up and down.
  • Seems uncomfortable when diaper is dirty/full
  • Shows interest in the whole "going to the bathroom" process - wants to watch others and tries to mimic behavior.
  • Can see either physically or verbally when a bowel movement is taking place (straining/grunting etc.)
  • Communicates a desire to be independent
  • Understand and takes pride in accomplishments
  • Is in a cooperative, open state and has a positive attitude towards learning this new skill.

Cognitive signs

  • Communicates well enough to understand the physical signs of needing to "go" and subsequently telling someone
  • Is able to follow simple instructions when prompted.
  • Can identify "pee" and "poo" and understands what these words mean.


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