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Free Shipping if you spend R 1 500 or more.

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

To be an unstoppable force you need an unstoppable team behind you.

Here at Somebunny New we have just that - an unstoppable team I mean.

First we have Elmarie (me).

The mom who wanted to create a store that offers what she's always looked for but could never find in conventional baby shops - so she did just that. Like a cat on the hunt she's always searching away for new ideas and collaborations to bring to the lovers of Somebunny New.  

Next up we have Hanro

When mama wants to swipe he's the one checking the cart. Hanro is in charge of finances, wholesale and franchising (if you want to buy some of our stuff for your shop or open your own Somebunny New - he's your guy).


Then there is Nadine

Nadine is in charge of quality control, outlet management and customer service. She brings her very cool, very characteristic energy to Somebunny New. A feisty little thing always willing to go the extra mile for her customers. Underestimating this slight, just more than 1 meter tall girl would be a mistake - she's no housecat - she's a lion.


There you have it, now you know all about us and we'd love to know all about you - pop us a message using the whatsapp chat button (linked directly to our phones) so we can have a chat and share a little Somebunny New love.



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