PEPPA PIG - Peppa's Unicorn Bath Float PEPPA PIG - Peppa's Unicorn Bath Float
Toomies PEPPA PIG - ... R 275.00
Part of the Peppa Pig toys range from Toomies, this clever bath toy has all the makings of a magical escape. It comes in three parts: a circular base that behaves like a floating ring; a unicorn that sits on top and collects water; plus a little Peppa Pig figure that’s soft and squidgy and rides the unicorn. Take them apart, swap them around and discover the fun! Sit Peppa in the circular ring, fill the unicorn with water and shower her with the water through the base or tilt and sprinkle a trickle through the unicorn’s mouth. Then, take turns with Peppa and discover how she squirts water through her mouth after a quick dip and a squeeze in the tub. Point the jet at the unicorn’s mane for a magical surprise: the mane acts like a paddle you can send in a spin. This versatile toy will grow with your child as she discovers new ways to play, explores cause and effect with the water squirter, develops fine motor skills handling the unicorn, and builds her confidence around water. The unicorn theme inspires all kinds of role play and provides a perfect cue for storytelling. Also available as a combination of George and a dinosaur, part of a larger Toomies Peppa Pig bath toy collection. Drain after use and leave to air dry. Clean the inside regularly by rinsing thoroughly with anti-bacterial or sterilising solution. No batteries required. Suitable for children 18 months and over.It floats: Made up of three parts, Peppa and her Unicorn sit nearly in the floating base.It pours: Fill the unicorn then sieve water through the bottom or tilt to sprinkle through the mouth. It squirts: Peppa Pig figure is a water squirter: squeeze her to power the unicorn’s spinning mane. Imaginative water play: Ideal for storytelling and role play, helps encourage confidence in water and develops fine motor skills.Collectible: Also available is George’s Dinosaur Bath Float, part of a collection of Peppa Pig toys from Toomies.- Dimensions: 160mm H x 160 W x 89 D- Weight: 186g- Colour: Multicoloured
PEPPA PIG - Peppa Pull & Go Pedalo PEPPA PIG - Peppa Pull & Go Pedalo
Toomies PEPPA PIG - ... R 320.00
The PEPPA PIG - Peppa Pull & Go Pedalo makes bath time fun for your little ones! This fun set has a simple pull-string mechanism that sets the paddles and pedalo in motion, while Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig can double as water squirters! It's the perfect way to help your child build confidence in and around water, while developing their gross motor skills. - 18+ months  What's in the box:  * x2 Figurines and their pedalo * x1 floating hoop * x2 water squirters 
Peppa Pig - Peppa's House Bath Playset Peppa Pig - Peppa's House Bath Playset
Toomies Peppa Pig - ... R 490.00
Discover a world of fun with the Peppa Pig House Bath Playset! This exciting playset attaches easily to your bath tub or tiles and includes two levels of interactive play features, including two water pouring windows and a washing machine. Little ones can give Peppa Pig her own bath or slide the arrow switch to send the water down to the ground floor - ready for lots of giggles and splishing and splashing! Let little ones explore cause and effect while building their water confidence with Peppa Pig's House Bath Playset. Featuring an interactive bathtub and shower, a spinning washing machine, two shape-sorting water pourers, and a fun switch to activate the water flow, this bath time toy helps develop fine motor skills and encourages creative storytelling. For use on a DRY surface, side of the bath, or smooth wall. * No batteries required * 18+ months
PEPPA PIG - Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat PEPPA PIG - Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat
Toomies PEPPA PIG - ... R 350.00
Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat lets the little ones explore the waterways in a fun and educational way! It comes with two water pour towers, a spinning wheelhouse with a shower, and a hull that can capture and pour out water. Plus, all three pieces fit neatly inside the ocean blue hull, making for an easy storage solution. Make waves with Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat! Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat offers four clever ways to make waves of fun. Pour water in two separate sections to cause a sprinkle or shower and spin the paddle wheelhouse. Comes with soft-touch Peppa Pig and Grandpa Pig figures that can also squirt water. Perfect for developing motor skills and growing confidence around water. A must-have collectible in the Peppa Pig toy range. * No batteries required * 18+ months