Novice Coding Robot Novice Coding Robot
Edu-Matic Novice Codin... R 2,950.00
Master the basics of coding and robotics with the Level 1 Novice Book & Kit which is designed in South Africa for the new South African Robotics CAPS Curriculum learner. A great introduction to key concepts of robotics and coding. A strong focus on computational thinking and coding fundamentals. This is the perfect kit for children that are just stepping into the world of robots and computers. During this course, learners will gain a better understanding of pattern recognition, sequencing, and practical problem-solving. With the use of logical thinking in many of the activities, they will be able to take what they experience in their real-life world and apply it to robotics and coding. They will have covered the beginning stages of block coding and have a good understanding of the capabilities of robots, how they function in the world around us, and how to use them to make tasks easier. Code in a fun and interactive way using a block-based coding environment & apply that knowledge to the Novice Bot. After that bring to life your first automated robot. Learn how to read sensory inputs and instruct the Novice bot to follow a line. Learn and play more with the bot by programing it to avoid objects in the room. One of many features. Additionally includes an online course with 31 lessons (videos) which amount to 14 hours. Learners will explore the following concepts: Algorithm, Decomposition, Patterns, Abstraction. These concepts are delivered through tinkering, debugging, persevering, and collaborating. Our curriculum is delivered via an online platform that contains comprehensive teacher guides enabling teachers with little or no experience to facilitate a robust learning experience. What’s in the box: 1 x Learner's book that follows along with the video lessons1 x Activation code for the video-based lessons5 x cables for charging and programming the bot.
Apprentice Coding Robot Apprentice Coding Robot
Edu-Matic Apprentice C... R 2,950.00
  Introduce your child to engineering through collaborative tinkering with the Resolute Apprentice Coding Robot. Whether a novice or a seasoned learner, this kit comes with all the tools and hardware necessary to make a remote-controlled car (or crane!). Detailed student manuals and an online course with video tutorials will guide pupils on a journey of computer literacy and basics of MakeCode. Users will then move on to creating interactive programming experiences with the Micro:Bit and Micro:Bit vehicle, starting them on a path toward a personalized programming experience.   Learners will explore the following concepts: Scratch Coding Micro:bit Board Micro:bit Car These concepts are delivered through tinkering, debugging, persevering, and collaborating. Our curriculum is delivered via an online platform that contains comprehensive teacher guides enabling teachers with little or no experience to facilitate a robust learning experience. Boost your coding skills with Scratch the interactive block-based visual programming language that s got more than 58 million projects shared by over 57 million users world-wide! Coding doesn't have to be scary. With the help of Scratch, students will learn everything from the basics of coding to creating small stories, drawing complex shapes and building their own games. Scratch is a multifaceted tool that'll boost students coding skills tremendously. What You'll Learn: Logical Thinking, Abstract Thinking, Attention to Detail and Problem Solving Skills Systematic Reasoning General Critical Programming Concepts (IF statements, For loops, Delays, Stored Procedures, etc.) Navigation and Understanding of the Scratch Coding Platform and its Language Mathematical Principles such as: Random Numbers, Cartesian Planes, Rotation, Euclidean Geometry Concepts and Variables What’s in the box: 1 x Apprentice Coding Robot 1 x Learner's book that follows along with the video lessons1 x Activation code for the video-based lessons1 x Cables for charging and programming the bot.1 x Remote control4 x modules (push button, motion sensor, photo resistor and RGB LED module)  
Robot Car Robot Car
Edu-Matic Robot Car R 2,950.00
Master the basics of coding and robotics with the Level 3 Robot Car Kit which is designed in South Africa for the new South African Robotics CAPS Curriculum learner. This comes with access to a 1 year subscription online to coding. The Resolute Robot Car teaches the fundamentals of Arduino programming and circuit theory before building engineering-based projects such as Autonomous Line-following Car and RFID controlled Access control. The Resolute Advanced kit is ideal for learners wanting to expand on their knowledge of coding and robotics. Both challenging and exciting, this year-long course starts learners off with the fundamentals of building and testing circuits, and programming in the Arduino language (a C++ derivative). Putting their newly acquired skills to the test, learners first build and program a fully automated line-following car. This kit gives you access to an online platform where step-by-step video instructions are given to help you learn and build with ease. The course starts off with an introduction to the fundamentals of Arduino programming and electronic circuit theory fundamentals. Students will learn about simulation, sensors, automation, and processing real-world data. They'll get creative with a practical project like the Autonomous Line Following Car where an infrared sensor is used to detect a black line and an Arduino is programmed to send a set of instructions to the DC motors directing the car. Students will be challenged further by applying their programming and engineering skills to design and build an access control system. They'll create their own security system by programming an RFID tag to automatically open a door, granting access to authorized personnel only. Students will also learn to master the world's most popular coding language, Python. They ll learn essential game development concepts such as controlling player and non-player sprites, implementing in-game physics and collision, object-oriented game design, randomization, and artificial intelligence. What’s in the box: 1 x Resolute - Robot Car + (the components to build the car) 1 x Digital multimeter 1 x Jumper cable 1 x Push button 1 x Resistor 1 x Variable resistor 1 x Phototransistor  
Miraculous Heroez Doll Gift Set, 4 Pieces Miraculous Heroez Doll Gift Set, 4 Pieces
Miraculous Miraculous H... R 1,500.00
Miraculous Heroez gift set features the main characters from your favorite Miraculous Ladybug episodes. Ladybug comes in an exclusively designed outfit, which is inspired by Cat Noirs Mister Bug outfit as seen in the Lady Noir and Mister Bug episode! Cat Noir, Rena Rouge and Queen Bee dolls come with everything needed to help Ladybug keep Paris safe. They each come with their trusted Kwami magical creatures, and their signature accessories! Miraculous Ladybug and Heroez create a world of imagination in which kids can "Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Miraculous!" 4 PACK GIFTSET: This beautifully designed giftbox includes Ladybug, Cat Noir, Rena Rouge and Queen Heroez Fashion Dolls. Exclusively designed for Walmart. ACCESSORIES: Magical Kwami’s, Tikki, Plagg, Pollen and Trixx, are included with each of their heroez. The heroez also come with signature accessories (YoYo, Staff, Hive and Flute)!
Wizarding World Hogwarts Castle Wizarding World Hogwarts Castle
Harry Potter Wizarding Wo... R 1,850.00
Recreate your favorite Harry Potter scenes and play out your own spellbinding adventures with the Wizarding World Magical Minis Hogwarts Castle! This amazing 2-foot-tall playset is packed with magical features to discover, including an exclusive 3-inch Hermione Granger doll, 12 accessories, Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom, enchanting lights, and sounds! With multiple places to play, there’s so much to explore in Hogwarts with Hermione and the collectible Magical Minis Harry Potter toys (each sold separately). The Great Hall is the perfect spot to begin your storytelling. Hermione can light up the fireplace or the Great Hall’s ceiling lights when she stands on the activation spot! The ceiling can also light up into each of the four Hogwarts House colors and each House song plays. Play out stories from the Harry Potter movies using the castle’s themed accessories. Pose and sit Hermione at the Great Hall dining table; place the Sorting Hat on your doll; move around the framed portraits, spin the Dormitory’s chandelier and more. Move the staircase and check out Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom: Hermione can brew some Polyjuice Potion in the cauldron and wear the cat mask to recreate the famous scene. Get ready for a pop-open surprise – it’s Moaning Myrtle! Features: Magical Mini’s Hogwarts Castle: This almost 2ft. tall castle has lights, sounds and amazing details. Experience the ultimate settings for Wizarding World adventures in the Great Hall, Gryffindor common room, Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom and more! Magical Activations: Light-up the fireplace and color-changing Great Hall ceiling by moving over activation spots, hear sound effects, House songs and find a pop-open surprise in Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom! Exclusive Hermione Doll, 12 Accessories: Add to your storytelling with an exclusive 3-inch poseable Hermione doll, furniture and themed accessories, including a cat mask and Sorting Hat Hermione can wear! Works with Magical Mini’s Playsets: Move the included Moaning Myrtle Bathroom to another location or add the other Magical Minis toy figures and playsets for more ways to play (each sold separately). Includes: 1x Hogwarts Castle Playset 1x Moaning Myrtle Bathroom Playset 1x Hermione Figure 12x Accessories 1x Instruction Sheet
Meccano Super Construction Set Meccano Super Construction Set
Meccano Meccano Supe... R 2,350.00
The Meccano Super Construction 25-in-1 Building Set features real tools and metal parts to deliver an authentic building experience that can help encourage your budding inventor to experiment, think critically, and cultivate engineering skills. It comes with several unique parts, including a robust 6-volt motor that brings creations to life with real, functional motion. Kids can use the 638 included pieces to construct the primary crane model or create an array of other motorized models--including a helicopter, a buggy crane, and a broadcasting vehicle. Features: This Building Kit Can Help Spark A Lifelong Interest In Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, And Mathematics (Steam). Perfect For Kids Aged 10 And Up, It Offers A Challenging Yet Rewarding Build That Brings Kids And Parents Together. 25 Building Models: Let Your Child Build 1 Of 25 Different Construction Vehicles (Models Can Be Built One At A Time). Parts Can Be Used To Rebuild A Helicopter, A Buggy Crane And Much More Or Kids Can Mix Match Pieces For An Original Design. Real Working Vehicle: Build A Motorized Crane And Bring It To Life With The 6V Electrical Motor. Play With Its Rotary Body And Extendable Hook! Steam Toy: For Over A Hundred Years, Erector Has Been Promoting Children'S Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art And Math) Learning As They Build And Play. The Meccano Super Construction Set Is Made For Children Ages 10+. Includes: 638x pieces 1x 6V electrical motor 3x real tools 1x instruction sheet (for 11 models)