Action Cup 230ML (12M+) Girl

R 167.99

Action Cup 230ML (12M+) Girl

R 167.99
Product description
NUK Action Cup 230 ml, soft drinking straw, leak-proof, BPA-free NUK Action Cup: Learning to drink in action

The NUK Action Cup accompanies the child when they become more active and movement and action are in the foreground. The soft straw is flexible and gentle on the palate and gums. Thanks to the practical screw cap, it disappears into the lid with a twist. For transport, the straw disappears with a twist into the lid to keep everything dry and clean. This NUK drinking cup also contains a ventilation valve that ensures trouble-free drinking.

NUK Action Cup - flexible and safe in every situation

The NUK Action Cup is made of high quality and robust materials, 100% BPA free and printed with cute motifs. All parts are easy and effective to clean. The NUK Action Cup is also easy to disassemble and reassemble. The tapered shape of the drinking cup makes it easy for small children to grasp: The NUK Action Cup accompanies our little ones on the small and big adventures of everyday life.

This NUK drinking cup is compatible with all elements of the NUK Evolution Cup Range.ery individually and adapted to the learning pace of the little ones. All three attachments are 100% leak-proof


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