After Bath Mattress Deluxe

R 225.00

After Bath Mattress Deluxe

R 225.00
Product description

The Snuggletime Afterbath Deluxe Mattress is a comfortable area to change baby's nappy and clothes and is ideal for use on a compactum, change table or the floor.

- 100% Waterproof toweling cover protects the inner foam, keeping it clean and dry at all times

- Unique anti-roll profile
- Removeable cover
- Laminated waterproof towelling change area

- Dimensions: 660mm H x 430mm W x 100mm D
- Included: 1 X Snuggletime Afterbath Deluxe Mattress with removeable cover
- Weight: 100 g
- Material: Foam covered with waterproof towelling
- Colour: White with multicoloured trims.

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