Cabinet Slide Lock 2pk

R 95.00

Cabinet Slide Lock 2pk

R 95.00
Product description

This sturdy slide lock helps keep children out of cabinets that are off-limits.

Help to keep your curious crawler from accessing an off-limit side by side cabinet with a sturdy Cabinet Slide Lock. It installs easily to the handles or knobs of the cabinet and helps keep your child away from the contents inside. In side by side comparisons with leading competitors using real life toddlers, the Safety 1st Cabinet Slide Lock was strong enough to keep even the cleverest of toddlers out. Even in lab testing using state of the art mechanical pull force equipment, Safety 1st outperformed the competition. Toddler Tested. Proven Stronger. 

* Child-resistant lock helps keep cabinets secure
* Works on cabinets with handles or knobs
* Easy for adults to use and install

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