Cloud B - Bubbly Bunny

R 555.00

Cloud B - Bubbly Bunny

R 555.00
Product description

It's bedtime! Not sure how to calm your toddler down? Give them a soft and cuddly friend that plays 4 soothing sounds from nature - a bubbling stream, a babbling brook, the sound of rain, and the ocean at night. Bubbly Bunny® is sure to be your toddler's new best friend for bedtime.


  • Adjustable volume
  • Two timer options with automatic stop: 23 and 45 minutes.
  • Velcro tab for easy attachment to crib.
  • Removable music box.
  • Can be washed and dried in the machine when the music box is removed.
  • Ideal for both new-borns and young children.


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