Doddlespoon Set

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Doddlespoon Set

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Product description

For the parent who always wants to be prepared, DoddleBag pouches are the perfect solution. You can make your own purees and store them in leak-proof, reusable pouches that you can easily toss in your diaper bag or stroller. You don’t have to lug around bulky containers and the mess is a thing of the past.

Doddlebags are a revolutionary way to store food or other substances. Made from food-grade safe materials and free of chemicals, these pouches keep your contents safe and secure.

Whether you need a top up, or want to give DoddleBags a try, this is the pack for you. DoddleBags are perfect for holding anything you want when you’re out and about. Food for weaning, energy for you, sun cream, shampoo or your favourite moisturiser. DoddleBags let you take it with you wherever you go.

To use the DoddleSpoons, simply screw the spoon on to the spout of your DoddleBag and squeeze your homemade puree to fill the spoon. DoddleBag Pouches are easy for small hands to hold and for adults to fill.


  • 2 DoddleSpoon Attachments
  • 1 DoddleCase for storage
  • 4 DoddleBag Pouches
  • 4 Anti-Choke Caps
  • 4 Matching Labelling Stickers
  • 1 Pipe Cleaner