Gymotion lay to sit-up

R 1,250.00

Gymotion lay to sit-up

R 1,250.00
Product description

Yookidoo - Gymotion Lay To Sit-Up Play

Introducing the Gymotion lay to sit-up! This unique three stage play gym will be your baby's favorite place to play and grow. With a padded mat that lets your baby lay down and sit up, this is perfect for all developmental stages. No matter how old your baby is, they'll love looking at the toys and being able to reach them. This also has a soft and supportive seat for them in the upright position.



- A three stage extra padded play gym that transforms into a supportive, upright

- Portable seat enabling baby to sit, play, and interact with the world while sitting upright

- Easy transition from a play gym to a soft

- Secure and supportive seat for upright sitting and playing. Easily folds for convenient storage or travel

- 1 Battery operated motion activated musical plane

- 1 Large double sided tummy time pillow with loops for easy toy attachment

- 1 Large baby safe mirror for hanging on arch or standing on max

- 1 Royal teething rattle

- 1 Easy to grasp dog rattle with colourful sliding beads


- Colour: Multi-Coloured

- Size: Type: Standard- Material: Polyester

- Dimensions: 96 x 104 x 48cm- Weight: 2.75kg

- Warranty: 6 Months



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