Hair & Body Wash - Blackberry and Apple

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Hair & Body Wash - Blackberry and Apple

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Product description

Another of our highest quality sellers, our hair and body wash combo makes bath and shower time easier with a one bottle does it all solution.

All Childs Farm products are made with ethically sourced natural and naturally derived ingredients, so you can use with confidence on even the most sensitive skin.

Naturally derived Glycerin moisturises the scalp and skin at the same time as cleaning hair. It attracts and holds moisture, leaving skin and hair feeling hydrated, and helps prevent it from drying out so is perfect for dry, sensitive and even skin that may be prone to eczema. 

Apples were thought to have been domesticated 4-10,000 years ago in the Tian Shan Mountains in Central Asia, and were brought to Europe along the Silk Road. Our organic apple extract is sourced from Europe and has well-known skin conditioning properties. We mixed this extract with a blackberry fragrance to create a smell that is reminiscent of blackberry and apple crumble – or for those old enough to remember, Fruit Salad chews! 

Contains 97% natural origin ingredients (ISO 16128) 

Massage a cherry-size amount into wet hair, focusing on the hairline and scalp. Massage the same sized amount all over the body as it foams, then rinse off hair & body with warm running water. Repeat process if hair is long, thick or prone to tangles.

If product gets in eyes, rinse well with water. External use only. If irritation occurs wash with copious amounts of water and stop use.

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