Musical Soft Toy / Valentine Mouse Adele

R 175.00

Musical Soft Toy / Valentine Mouse Adele

R 175.00
Product description

Nattou - Cuddly Valentine Adele Mouse

The musical toy will comfort your baby with the La-le-lu melody.
Nattou cuddly toys that are soft and supporting friends for your baby.  The Nattou cuddlies are with your baby as it explores the world, when it drifts off to sleep and all the other moments of its first few months. Nattou cuddly toys give your little one the trust, security and comfort they need in the crucial early stages of their growth and development. Cuddly Nattou Your baby’s first companion, to play with and to comfort baby in difficult times!

- Soft, supporting, trust and security
- Comfort - Baby's first companion

What's in the box
x 1 Plush Toy

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