NANOTECT BREZ Sleep On Air Pillow & Cover

R 75.00

NANOTECT BREZ Sleep On Air Pillow & Cover

R 75.00
Product description

The Snuggletime NANOTECT Easy Breather Sleep on Air Pillow supports airflow around baby's head area ensuring a safe sleeping environment. The pillow disperses excess heat & perspiration away from baby so surface area stays dry. The spongy layer gently contours to all pressure areas ensuring maximum comfort.

While Nanotect treated foam creates a healthy sleeping environment by protecting your baby from dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria and mould.

• Fully ventilated

• Includes pillow case

• Keeps baby cool and comfortable

• Soft foam pillow offers gentle orthopaedic support to baby’s head

• Hypo-allergenic Nanotect foam pillow with full depth ventilated holes

• 24 x 34 cm

Care for your cushion Clean accidents with a warm damp cloth and soap, Rinse off and then allow to dry completely. Avoid putting pillow out to dry in direct sunlight. Turn and air your pillow regularly. Protect your pillow by covering it with a pillow case.


240mm W x 340mm H x 30mm D

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