Novice Coding Robot

R 2,950.00

Novice Coding Robot

R 2,950.00
Product description

Master the basics of coding and robotics with the Level 1 Novice Book & Kit which is designed in South Africa for the new South African Robotics CAPS Curriculum learner.

A great introduction to key concepts of robotics and coding. A strong focus on computational thinking and coding fundamentals. This is the perfect kit for children that are just stepping into the world of robots and computers.

During this course, learners will gain a better understanding of pattern recognition, sequencing, and practical problem-solving. With the use of logical thinking in many of the activities, they will be able to take what they experience in their real-life world and apply it to robotics and coding. They will have covered the beginning stages of block coding and have a good understanding of the capabilities of robots, how they function in the world around us, and how to use them to make tasks easier.

Code in a fun and interactive way using a block-based coding environment & apply that knowledge to the Novice Bot. After that bring to life your first automated robot. Learn how to read sensory inputs and instruct the Novice bot to follow a line. Learn and play more with the bot by programing it to avoid objects in the room. One of many features.

Additionally includes an online course with 31 lessons (videos) which amount to 14 hours. Learners will explore the following concepts: Algorithm, Decomposition, Patterns, Abstraction. These concepts are delivered through tinkering, debugging, persevering, and collaborating. Our curriculum is delivered via an online platform that contains comprehensive teacher guides enabling teachers with little or no experience to facilitate a robust learning experience.

What’s in the box:

1 x Learner's book that follows along with the video lessons
1 x Activation code for the video-based lessons
5 x cables for charging and programming the bot.

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