Robot Car

R 2,950.00

Robot Car

R 2,950.00
Product description

Master the basics of coding and robotics with the Level 3 Robot Car Kit which is designed in South Africa for the new South African Robotics CAPS Curriculum learner.

This comes with access to a 1 year subscription online to coding. The Resolute Robot Car teaches the fundamentals of Arduino programming and circuit theory before building engineering-based projects such as Autonomous Line-following Car and RFID controlled Access control.

The Resolute Advanced kit is ideal for learners wanting to expand on their knowledge of coding and robotics. Both challenging and exciting, this year-long course starts learners off with the fundamentals of building and testing circuits, and programming in the Arduino language (a C++ derivative). Putting their newly acquired skills to the test, learners first build and program a fully automated line-following car.

This kit gives you access to an online platform where step-by-step video instructions are given to help you learn and build with ease. The course starts off with an introduction to the fundamentals of Arduino programming and electronic circuit theory fundamentals. Students will learn about simulation, sensors, automation, and processing real-world data.

They'll get creative with a practical project like the Autonomous Line Following Car where an infrared sensor is used to detect a black line and an Arduino is programmed to send a set of instructions to the DC motors directing the car. Students will be challenged further by applying their programming and engineering skills to design and build an access control system.

They'll create their own security system by programming an RFID tag to automatically open a door, granting access to authorized personnel only. Students will also learn to master the world's most popular coding language, Python. They ll learn essential game development concepts such as controlling player and non-player sprites, implementing in-game physics and collision, object-oriented game design, randomization, and artificial intelligence.

What’s in the box:

1 x Resolute - Robot Car + (the components to build the car)

1 x Digital multimeter

1 x Jumper cable

1 x Push button

1 x Resistor

1 x Variable resistor

1 x Phototransistor


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