Slip n Slide Wave Rider - Double

R 650.00

Slip n Slide Wave Rider - Double

R 650.00
Product description

GRAB YOUR BEST FRIEND AND SLIDE INTO THE SUMMER! The Original Slip ‘N Slide Surf Rider Double by Wham-O is right here to slide you into the summer water fun!

Wham-O XL Double Wave Rider. A double lane 6.1m long Slip N Slide with an extra-large splash zone at the end. Streams of water on the end and side of the slide will keep you sliding fast and will ensure you are all soaking wet! There is never enough splashes when its a hot summer. 

  • 2 sliding lanes 6.1m long
  • Wall of water on the bumper
  • Extra-large splash zone
  • Easy set up
  • 2 repair patches
  • 2 slide anchors included
  • Suitable age group: 5 years and older


  • 1 x Wave Rider Slide Double

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