Body Comfort Pillow - Grey

R 565.00

Body Comfort Pillow - Grey

R 565.00
Product description

Snuggletime Body Comfort Pillow

The Snuggletime Body Comfort Pillow provides the perfect support during pregnancy when you need it most to take time out and to relax.

It provides total support for your back, hips and tummy as your body changes shape and size
Helps relieve lower back and SIJ discomfort
Doubles up as a feeding cushion as it positions baby at the perfect height to relieve the strain on your neck and shoulder area
Supports baby in sitting position and during tummy time to help strengthen the neck, shoulder and back muscles
Comes with a removable cover that is machine washable

- Dimensions: 680mm H x 650 W x 200 D (in pack)
- Weight: 2800g
- Material: Premium quality hollow fibre filling that provides long lasting fullness and comfort with a micro fibre removeable cover
- Colour: Available in Grey, White, Taupe and Assorted Prints