Teach Us To Pray (Hardcover)

R 130.00

Teach Us To Pray (Hardcover)

R 130.00
Product description

Teach your child the Lord’s Prayer step-by-step. This beautifully illustrated book introduces the Lord’s Prayer to young believers and unfolds the meaning behind it. It will encourage children to reflect on the love and guidance of the Lord’s Prayer and will remind children of the wonderful promise that Jesus, our King, listens whenever His children pray to Him. Each phrase of The Lord’s Prayer is carefully explained, and includes practical applications to a child’s life with situations and stories that they can relate to. Additional prayers will teach them to make every part of this special prayer Jesus gave us their own. Teach Us to Pray is intended to teach children to pray and this book will be ideal for devotional time with your child.


  • English
  • Struik Christian Media
  • Sara Dahlman
  • Hardcover
  • Kids
  • 185
  • 8
  • 245
  • 32

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