The Big Book Of Bible Stories To Make (Hardcover)

R 149.00

The Big Book Of Bible Stories To Make (Hardcover)

R 149.00
Product description

Are you looking for a fresh way to share well-known Bible stories? Or do you want to keep children busy without spending a fortune on art supplies? Then look no further than The Big Book of Bible Stories to Make.
Using recyclable materials in the home such as egg cartons, paper plates and straws and including step-by-step instructions, the 48 DIY projects are a cost-effective and creative way to entertain children. Featuring well-loved stories from the Old and New Testament, children will practice their cutting, folding, pasting and painting skills. Activities include a planet mobile, Noah’s animal finger puppets, Daniel’s lions, Jonah’s whale, the wise mens’ gifts, and the shepherds’ lantern.
Perfect for Sunday School teachers, homeschoolers or for a rainy day indoors, The Big Book of Bible Stories to Make is sure to provide an unforgettable way for 5 to 8-year-olds to make God’s word their own.


  • English
  • Christian Art Publishers
  • Fiona Hayes
  • Hardcover
  • Kids
  • 191
  • 16
  • 251
  • 80

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