The Night Before Christmas in Wonderland

R 75.00

The Night Before Christmas in Wonderland

R 75.00
Product description

Lewis Carroll's classic Wonderland returns, and this time it's Santa's turn for an adventure there! Featuring the Queen of Hearts, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter, it's time for a tea party with reindeer and lots of Christmas fun!

It's the Night Before Christmas in Wonderland, but as usual the Queen of Hearts is not expecting any presents. Many years ago, when she was still a Princess, she wrote to Santa Claus but the letter never arrived. Ever since, bitter at the non-arrival of her longed-for present, she has hated Christmas. Now the lost letter has turned up in Santa's workshop and he has decided better late than never – he and the reindeer will deliver the present.

The Princess is now a Queen and with each passing year she has hated Christmas more, banning snowmen, then tinsel, mince pies and finally, good cheer. Will Santa be able to put the Merry back into Christmas in Wonderland?

Written by debut author Carys Bexington and illustrated by star artist Kate Hindley, The Night Before Christmas in Wonderland is a children's classic in the making.

4 - 9 years

40 pages

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