Cocomelon Feature JJ Boo Boo Doll Cocomelon Feature JJ Boo Boo Doll
Cocomelon Cocomelon Feature JJ Boo Boo... R 1,250.00
Help your child learn how to take care of their owies with Cocomelon's Boo Boo JJ! With an activated light up head, elbow, knee, or foot, JJ makes sounds that will help teach your little one about taking care of themselves. The included Bandage Case and three bandages offer a realistic healing experience. As an extra fun addition, pressing JJ's tummy plays a few seconds of the "Boo Boo Song." Complement JJ with a fun collection of other figures, plush toys, vehicles, and more, by Cocomelon! What's in the Box:  1x Boo Boo JJ Feature Plush with Lights and Sounds 1x Bandage Case 3x Bandages
Cocomelon JJ Peek A Boo Plush Cocomelon JJ Peek A Boo Plush
Cocomelon Cocomelon JJ Peek A Boo Plush R 999.99
The JJ Peek-A-Boo Plush from Cocomelon is perfect for playtime! Featuring 17 sound effects and phrases, JJ will hide behind the plush and magically reappear to delight your little one. Join in the fun and sing along to the Cocomelon hit song, "Peek-A-Boo," and add more CoComelon toys, plush, vehicles, and more to your collection! What's in the box:  1x Peek-A-Boo JJ Feature Plush with Sounds 3x AA Batteries
Cocomelon Musical Checkup Case Cocomelon Musical Checkup Case
Cocomelon Cocomelon Musical Checkup Case R 940.00
 Children can look after their friends and family with the CoComelon Doctor Checkup Set. This set includes a fabric bag, a syringe, a thermometer, and a stethoscope, all enclosed in an easy-carry case for transporting. These three accessories fit perfectly in the checkup case, and kids will be delighted to take the set with them wherever they go. What's in the box1 x Checkup Case1 x Syringe1 x Thermometer1 x Stethoscope
R 219.00 sale
Cocomelon Delux Interactive JJ Doll Cocomelon Delux Interactive JJ Doll
Cocomelon Cocomelon Delux Interactive ... R 770.00 R 989.00
Features: Inspired by your child’s favourite educational series, the CoComelon Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll is sure to bring the fun when it’s playtime at home! The kids will have a blast learning and playing! The Deluxe JJ Doll comes with accessories for dress up and feeding time. Listen to songs and sounds like "This Is the Way," "My Name Song," and “Yes Yes Vegetables” when they feed JJ and press his tummy! The CoComelon Doll encourages a roleplay, which nurtures imagination and learning! Your child can play along with JJ and engage with his Interactive sounds! This helps improve your child’s dexterity and fine motor skills! There’s so much more CoComelon to collect! Bring home the fun with plush, vehicles, instruments, figures, and more! 2+ years  What's in the box: 1x Cocomelon Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll
R 70.00 sale
30cm Cocomelon Cody Doll 30cm Cocomelon Cody Doll
Cocomelon 30cm Cocomelon Cody Doll R 749.00 R 819.00
My Friend Cody plush encourages imaginative play with musical sounds and dialog from "Cody's Special Dinosaur Day," a popular Cocomelon tune. Roleplaying and pairing with Snack Time JJ (available separately) help develop vital abilities in early childhood. With Cocomelon My Friend Cody, toddlers can explore and express themselves in a secure environment.stimulating way! What's in the box:  1x  30cm My Friend Cody Plush Doll 
30cm Cocomelon Nina Doll 30cm Cocomelon Nina Doll
Cocomelon 30cm Cocomelon Nina Doll R 749.00
Introducing My Friend Nina, the Cocomelon-inspired doll! She comes with an adorable bunny that clips onto her arm. Press her tummy and enjoy music and phrases in both English and Spanish, including two fan-favorite songs: "Hello Song" and "Learning Spanish ABC's Song". Collect them all and have a fun pretend playdate with Bedtime JJ and My Friend Cody (sold separately) CoComelon's My Friend Nina helps kids learn both Spanish and English through interactive play, creating a fun and educational experience. Kids can even join Nina in singing the Spanish ABCs! They can extend their CoComelon experience at home by pairing Nina with her best friends Bedtime JJ and My Friend Cody (sold separately), further expanding their language skills. What's in the box:                           * 1x 30cm My Friend Nina Plush Doll                                 * 3x AAA Batteries.
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30cm Cocomelon Bedtime JJ Doll 30cm Cocomelon Bedtime JJ Doll
Cocomelon 30cm Cocomelon Bedtime JJ Doll R 749.00 R 880.00
Your child can squeeze, squish, and cuddle up with the Cocomelon plush assortment! Your little one can play and sing along to their favorite nursery rhymes with this adorable plush! This 8” Cocomelon plush is highly-detailed and sure to become a favorite in your home! Bring all of the Cocomelon fun home with this little plush today! Features: Cute and cuddly JJ and Melon plush from the extremely popular and educational Cocomelon animated YouTube video series for kids! Snuggle and Play! JJ and Melon are the perfect plush for toddlers and young kids! Watch and listen to the nursery rhymes and songs of Cocomelon with your very own plush characters! Makes a great toy gift for young boys and girls who love Cocomelon! What's Inside: Includes: 1 JJ Plush, 1 SmallTeddy Pillow Plush Suitable from 18m+
Cocomelon Musical Tractor Cocomelon Musical Tractor
Cocomelon Cocomelon Musical Tractor R 720.00
Experience a musical farm adventure with the Cocomelon Musical Tractor! This brightly-colored tractor features a 3-inch JJ figure, a beloved character from the educational Cocomelon YouTube series. Place any 8cm Cocomelon figures in the tractor and press on its grill to hear clips of "Old MacDonald" to sing along to with your child. The toy also plays animal and tractor sounds, as well as the Cocomelon intro tune, and its free-wheeling motion puts kids in control of the farm-related fun. Bring nursery rhymes to life with the Cocomelon Musical Tractor!  Features: Inspired by Cocomelon: This tractor for preschoolers is inspired by the CoComelon Youtube series. 3-Inch Figure: Add this adorable 3-inch JJ in his farmers outfit to your CoComelon collection Articulated Figure: This JJ figure is highly detailed and highly articulated Sounds and Songs: Listen to a clip of your favorite CoComelon song plus sounds and phrases Collect them All: Bring CoComelon home with figures, vehicles, instruments, and more. 18m+  What's Inside: 1x Cocomelon Feature Vehicle Tractor 1x 8cm JJ Figurine
Cocomelon Pop & Play House Medium Playset Cocomelon Pop & Play House Medium Playset
Cocomelon Cocomelon Pop & Play House M... R 699.99
 CoComelon's Pop & Play House Medium Playset offers a fun-filled playtime! Unbox to find a two-story house full of exciting surprises. The bed conveniently flips to a toy shelf to make it easier to view all the interesting playthings. Take the stairs to the kitchen to join Jellybean, then play in the yard afterwards. After playtime, fold it back up for easy transportation.  Features: Open the house and discover all the fun inside of it! Flip the bed and discover a toy shelf! Pull the handle to pop open the house and let the fun begin! 18m+  Includes: 1x JJ Figure, 1x Jellybean Figure, 2x Chairs, 1x Table, 1xToilet, 1x Pop-Up House
Cocomelon Learn to Count Register Cocomelon Learn to Count Register
Cocomelon Cocomelon Learn to Count Reg... R 699.99
 The Cocomelon Musical Cash Register offers hours of fun with coins, bills, a play credit card, and a scanner! Featuring seven separate activation points, this interactive cash register plays clips of popular "Play Pretend Song" and "Counting Apples at The Farm" while JJ counts aloud when the number buttons are pressed. When the equal symbol is pushed, a fun “ka-ching” noise is produced and the register drawer opens. Little shoppers can also "weigh" items on the scale and pay for their goods with the toy credit card, which emits a beep sound. With this comprehensive set, kids learn numbers, cause and effect, and role playing - all with JJ! Features: Cocomelon Inspired: This Musical Cash Register is inspired by the hit children’s show, CoComelon! Fun Features: This cash register features CoComelon phrases and realistic register sounds along with clips of two fan favorite songs! Playtime Fun: Use the scanner, cash drawer, insert or swipe the credit card, count money, and complete one transaction after another! Helps Improve Skills: This toy helps improve children’s knowledge of money, learn numbers, and cause and effect! Endless Entertainment: Encourages role play and provides endless hours of imaginative play, one transaction at a time! 18m+  Includes: 1x Cocomelon Cash Register 2x Coins 3x Bills 1x Credit Card 1x Scanner
Cocomelon Snacktime JJ Doll Cocomelon Snacktime JJ Doll
Cocomelon Cocomelon Snacktime JJ Doll R 699.99
Grab a treat and get ready to eat with the CoComelon Snack Time JJ plush doll! Learn to eat your fruits and veggies with JJ, the star of the hit children’s show, CoComelon. JJ wears his colorful Snack Time shirt featuring veggies like broccoli, carrots, peas, and snow peas. Press JJ’s belly to activate fun sounds and phrases including clips of the fan favorite, “Yes Yes Vegetables Song”! Your child will love singing as they snack along! The Snack Time JJ plush doll can help your young one improve their fine motor skills and dexterity. Bring the fun home with the CoComelon Snack Time JJ Plush Doll and other CoComelon toys like figures, vehicles, and more!
Cocomelon Beach Time Deluxe Set Cocomelon Beach Time Deluxe Set
Cocomelon Cocomelon Beach Time Deluxe Set R 695.00
Transform a gloomy day into a vibrant beach experience with CoComelon Family Beach Time Fun Playset! This exciting escapade stars JJ and his siblings TomTom and YoYo, all dressed in their swim apparel. Guide them as they construct a sandcastle before engaging in some fun with the friendly crab in the sand! Features: The crab figurine moves to and fro when the star handle is actuated. Then, your mini-Beach-Goer can take a short break from the playtime using the beach chair, beach towel, and umbrella provided. With the CoComelon Family Beach Time Fun Playset, your child's imagination can reach exquisite heights! 18m+What's in the Box? 1x Beach Playset, 1x JJ Figure, 1x TomTom Figure, 1x YoYo Figure, 1x Sandcastle Accessory, 1x Beach Chair Accessory, 1x Umbrella Accessory, 1x Towel Accessory
Cocomelon Musical Yellow School Bus Cocomelon Musical Yellow School Bus
Cocomelon Cocomelon Musical Yellow Sch... R 599.99
 Your child can join J.J. on an adventure through town with the Cocomelon Musical Yellow School Bus! Boasting a bright yellow colour, the bus can accommodate up to 6 figures from the popular YouTube series. Little ones will love pressing the front of the bus to hear the classic "Wheels on the Bus" song, while the free-wheeling motion puts them in control of their own fun! Stimulate your child's imagination by bringing their favourite nursery rhymes to life with this engaging vehicle.  Features: This brightly coloured bus comes with a figure of JJ, a popular character from the educational Cocomelon YouTube series. The school bus has room for 6 of your favourite Cocomelon friends. Requires 3 AAA batteries. Bring their favourite Cocomelon nursery rhymes to life with the Cocomelon Musical Yellow School Bus. 2+ years  What's Inside: 1x Cocomelon Yellow School Bus 1x JJ Figurine
Cocomelon Feature Train Cocomelon Feature Train
Cocomelon Cocomelon Feature Train R 599.00
Experience an exciting playtime journey with JJ the Conductor and the Feature Train Vehicle! This special train comes with a unique JJ Conductor Figure to begin the fun right away. It can accommodate up to four figures, so you can bring all your CoComelon friends for the ride. Press the train chiminea and listen to the intro song, a tractor sound, and more. The free wheeling feature lets your little one explore with JJ while pushing the train wherever they go. There are more adventures to be discovered with CoComelon! Features and Benefits: Exclusive Figure: The Featured Train Vehicle comes with the exclusive Conductor JJ Figure Bring Them All: The Featured Vehicle can fit up to four figures! Cocomelon Songs: Play Songs from the Hit Show when you press on the train chiminea Free Wheeling Driv:Push the car along with your favorite CoComelon family! More Cocomelon Fun! There’s even more to collect in the exciting world of CoComelon
Cocomelon Lights and Sounds Family Car Cocomelon Lights and Sounds Family Car
Cocomelon Cocomelon Lights and Sounds ... R 575.00
Buckle up and let your child explore the enchanting world of Cocomelon with the Family Fun Car! Blooming with bright colors, this vehicle brings fun sounds and music to life with the push of a button. Along with the classic CoComelon Intro Song, your little one will get to enjoy real car sounds such as an engine ignition and a horn - all from the comfort of their car! Plus, a JJ figure is included for added adventure. And with its free wheeling drive, the CoComelon Family Fun Car is sure to follow your child anywhere they go! So get ready to collect and explore! Features: Cocomelon Inspired: The Family Fun Car for kids is inspired by the hit children’s show! Real Car Sounds: Press the CoComelon button to hear car sounds, like the horn, engine, and more! Cocomelon Songs: Play & sing along to "Are We There Yet" song! Free Wheeling Drive: Push the car along with your favorite CoComelon family! JJ figure included. Colouring Page: A cut-out included in the packaging to promote sustainability & fun activity for kids! 2+ years What's Inside: 1x Cocomelon Lights and Sounds Family Car 1x JJ Figurine
R 20.99 sale
Cocomelon Family Set - 4 Figures Cocomelon Family Set - 4 Figures
Cocomelon Cocomelon Family Set - 4 Fig... R 379.00 R 399.99
This adorable 4 Figure Pack is inspired by the popular and educational Cocomelon YouTube videos! Watch your tiny Cocomelon fan play with popular characters, JJ, TomTom, and YoYo! This detailed 3” set even includes 2 JJ figures, one in his onesie, and one in his favorite baby shark tee! Your child will have a blast playing with this detailed and articulated collection that lets you move each figure's arms, legs, and neck! Bring every nursery rhyme to life with the Cocomelon Family & Friends Set! What's in the box 4x Figures