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Simplee Tub & Casette Refills Simplee Tub & Casette Refills
Tommee Tippee Simplee Tub & Casette Refills from R 534.00
The Tommee Tippee Simplee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Bin is designed to be simple, stylish, and space-saving, making sure your baby's room is always clean and free from odor. Our multi-layer antibacterial film, made from 98% recycled and sustainable plastic, kills 99% of germs and contains an anti-bacterial ingredient for further protection. With up to 180 nappies per refill cartridge, the bin can dispose of 18 nappies at a time*. Available in white with grey top, white with blue lid, and white with pink lid; the bin only uses the Tommee Tippee Simplee Sangenic Nappy Bin Refill Cartridge (sold in packs of 2 or 3) . *Based on using size 1 nappies (2-5kg)
Baby Born Magic Doll & Lucky Dog Set Baby Born Magic Doll & Lucky Dog Set
Baby Born Baby Born Magic Doll & Lucky... R 2,510.00 R 2,810.00
BABY born Magic Doll The perfect gift for young children. Her eyes open and close with just a turn of her dummy, no matter the position. If left to rest on her back, her eyes gracefully close, ready for a nap. This little one loves drinking water from her bottle, taking baths, and eating her porridge. What's more, she can even pee in her diaper or potty and actually shed tears—just like a real baby! Then she even does a number two. Her limbs, neck, and head are highly flexible, making it easy for little ones to dress her in her fashionable outfits. The Soft Touch body is delightfully plush. The package includes various useful accessories - 10 in total - a onesie, and a headpiece.  Features: Varied (role) play with Baby born boosts the imagination and has been proven to support the development of social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathy. The eye function with the dummy only works with Baby born Magic. The dummy fits all Baby born 43 cm dolls. With 10 lifelike functions for lots of fun.   What's in the box:1x Doll1x Nappy1x Plate with Spoon1x Portion of Porridge1x Bottle1x Magic Dummy1x Birth Pass1x Friendship Ribbon for Child and Doll My Lucky Dog Baby born has a new animal friend. The puppy comes to heel on command, barks happily and sniffs around. If you stroke its back, it wags its tail and makes happy sounds.The Baby Born Magic Doll & Lucky Dog Set can drink real water from a bowl—extending its tongue to slurp up the liquid. It then lifts its head and re-tucks its tongue back into its mouth, displaying similar behaviour to actual dogs. Post-drinking, it will lift its leg and do its business, finishing off the naturalistic display with a bark afterwards. The set also features a bone it will chew on with gusto.The puppy is controlled by buttons on the lead.High-quality accessories for the BABY born branded doll.For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play.Requires batteries (not included).  
Dinosaur Kit Dinosaur Kit
Somebunny New Dinosaur Kit R 945.00 R 1,050.00
Stack & Pull Ankylosaurus Toomies brings that wonder to a new generation with the Jurassic World Stack & Pull Ankylosaurus! These dinosaur toys are ready for adventure and designed to encourage developmental play for babies and toddlers. The colourful and strong Ankylosaurus features stacking armour - four different rings that only interlock if dropped over the top in the right order, perfect for promoting logic and problem-solving skills. Hitching a ride is baby dino, freshly hatched from his egg: shake him about and hear his cute growl! Pull mummy dino along to encourage crawling play or when your little one is on their feet they can take her for a walk. Look and listen as she does her wibbly-wobbly walk, wheels clicking and clacking as her rattle-bead filled tail goes swish-swashing from side to side. However you choose to play, Toomies welcomes little explorers to a Jurassic World full of fun!Fun Toys for Girls & BoysNo batteries required!Age: 12 months and up Dino Rescue Ranger Onboard the rescue car is the youngster Triceratops. Activate the baby dino to create a delightfully fierce roar or place them in the driver’s seat…observe the spin as the car is moved! Secure the trailer to the car, and prepare to transport the struggling Brachiosaurus to the vet. The trailer is multifunctional, transforming into a push & go vehicle. Place the included rescue gear into the designated slots, then press down on the Brachiosaurus' head for it to race away. Developing gross motor skills comes from chasing the car, and stimulating logic, problem solving, and fine motor skills arises from matching the supplied rescue gear shapes to the trailer. There is no wrong way to have fun. Toomies welcomes little explorers to a Jurassic World full of fun!Fun Toys for Girls & Boys: 12+ months No batteries required Chase & Roll Raptors These dinosaur toys are ready for adventure and designed to encourage developmental play for babies and toddlers. Learn about action and reaction by shaking the Baby Raptor and listening for the cute growl! Watch Mummy Raptor’s tail move back and forth as you push her along. Put Baby Raptor into the car for a fun ride, and then connect Mummy to the back for extra push-along fun that encourages crawling play. However you choose to play, Toomies welcomes little explorers to a Jurassic World full of fun!Fun Toys for Girls & Boys: 12m+    

New Mom Essentials

Pop Up Bath - STAND ONLY Pop Up Bath - STAND ONLY
Snuggletime Pop Up Bath - STAND ONLY R 610.00
Snuggletime Pop-Up Baby Bath Stand ONLY ***Please ensure that the Bath you plan on using is the Snuggletime POP-Up bath, which is compatible with this stand. Return shipping will be for the customer's account. The Snuggletime Pop-Up Baby Bath Stand is a strong collapsible stand compatible with the Snuggletime Pop-Up Baby Bath. Features;Foldable legsCompact size for easy storage and travelNon slip safety rubber feetQuick and easy to use- Dimensions: 570mm W x 660 H x 50 D- Weight: 1200- Material: Metal with rubber covered feet- Colour: White & Grey
Angelcare Bath Seat Grey/Blue Angelcare Bath Seat Grey/Blue
Angelcare Angelcare Bath Seat Grey/Blue R 610.00
Once babies start to sit up and reach between 6 to 10 months of age, the Angelcare® Baby Bath Seat is the perfect bath time solution. Made from lightweight, durable plastic, the Baby Bath Seat allows baby to be comfortable and supported while free to explore and play. The clever, ergonomic design features drain holes for easy rinsing and extra strong suction cups for excellent stability. Parents have the choice of bathing or showering their little one, secure in the knowledge the Baby Bath Seat will help to look after baby. It’s hygienic, mould-resistant plastic comes in a range of fabulous colours, perfect to match to any stylish bathroom decor. With babies the world over graduating to the Baby Bath Seat from their Bath Supports around 6 months, it’s easy to see why bath time is the best time with Angelcare®. Makes bath time fun and comfortable.  Specifications Soft-Touch Material: The bath support has a layer of soft TPE material, which warms very quickly to baby’s body temperature and bath water. Hygienic and Mould-resistant: The mesh material allows water to drain easily from the bath support. Quick Dry. Ergonomic Design: Providing optimal support, comfort and safety while bathing baby. Use Directly in the Bath Tub or Shower: Extra strong suctions cups. Soft-bottom lip to use directly in the bath tub. Durable & Lightweight: Made with durable lightweight plastic which is designed to keep its shape. Easy to Store: The baby bath support has a handy loop at top to hang it up for convenient storage. No assembly required
Cloud B - Sleep Sheep Cloud B - Sleep Sheep
Cloud B Cloud B - Sleep Sheep R 555.00
 Looking for a way to get your little one to sleep peacefully? Let Cloud B - Sleep Sheep help! This plushie can't wait to be your child's new best friend.  The Sleep Sheep is a plush, white, sheep-shaped pillow with built-in speakers and a volume control. The soothing sounds of the Sleep Sheep are perfect for babies and children who have trouble falling asleep. He features four different soothing sounds for kids to enjoy and calm their fears in any environment. Features: - Four soothing sound options: gentle stream, spring showers, ocean surf and whale songs  - Travel size, it easily fits in a diaper bag or carry-on luggage  - Two sleep-timer options with auto shut-off: 23 and 45 minutes  - Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby's crib, strollers or car seat  - Can be machine washed and dried when sound box is removed  - Product meets and exceeds safety standards - Scientifically proven to promote better sleep  - Ideal for newborns and up - Removable sound machine - User-Friendly Operation  - Makes a Great Gift  - Adjustable volume  Specifications: - Weight: 0.46kg - Dimensions: 21.5 x 15 x 14cm - Material: Plush and Fabric and Faux Wool- Colour: Brown - Gender: Unisex - Warranty: 12 Months 
Medela Harmony Flex Manual Breast Pump Medela Harmony Flex Manual Breast Pump
Medela Medela Harmony Flex Manual B... R 999.99
Harmony is a single, manual breast pump designed for occasional time away from your baby. This breast pump is a great option for travel or as an occasional back-up to your double electric breast pump. A small, lightweight, and portable design makes transport easy and discreet for convenient pumping at home, at work, or on the go.  Best of all, an included PersonalFit Flex breast shield means more milk faster, when compared to the traditional 90° breast shield. These shields are designed to reduce pressure on the breast and optimize milk flow, giving you more milk faster. As the #1 mom and doctor recommended breast pump brand*, Medela provides the best in research-based breast milk feeding products.  Thanks to the unique combination of a 105-degree opening angle, soft rim and oval shape for a better fit, the PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield puts less pressure on your milk ducts, resulting in a more effective and comfortable pumping experience – clinically proven.1 The unique ergonomic handle has 2-Phase Expression technology to allow you to mimic your baby’s sucking rhythm2,3. To fully benefit from handle’s functionality, first use the short side at a fast pace to stimulate milk flow. After you see breast milk flowing, use the long side of the handle to extract your milk.  Features: Single manual pump: For occasional time away from baby Compact, light and portable: take the Harmony® anywhere you go Discreet & quiet: pump with it confidently anytime and anywhere. PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields: for increased comfort and more milk1 2-Phase Expression technology: its unique handle helps you mimic your baby's natural suckling rhythm2,3 Simple to use: intuitive and ergonomic design Easy to clean: easy assembly and disassembly, also washing and sanitizing Harmony® is simple Bottle Stand: Help prevent spills Safe for mom and baby: All parts that come into contact with breast milk are made without BPA What's in the box: 1x Harmony breast pump (handle, diaphragm, stem with o-ring)

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