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Babywombworld Babywombworld Chi... R 2,995.00 R 3,495.00
If you’re a mommy who has no choice but to go back to work, need to leave baby at home while you go out or you just need to rest, using a Breast Pump will allow your baby to benefit from your milk even when you’re not around. Perhaps your baby is a preemie or in NICU… or is unable to nurse enough to build up your milk supply… perhaps you’re having trouble nursing during those first few weeks after you give birth or you’re a mom with a medical condition that affects how much milk you produce… then BabyWombWorld’s Portable Double Electric Breast Pump is just what you need! BabyWombWorld’s Breast Pumps pumping action mimics your baby’s natural feeding action and pattern and you can expect super-efficient expression and comfort with this electric Breast Pump. It will not only save time and effort, but also help to maintain your milk supply, particularly if your baby cannot drink directly from the breast or you are separated from your baby for long periods at a time. Our Breast Pump will not only stimulate the ongoing production of breast milk, which is always best for your precious baby, but allow you to build up a stock of your milk. When you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk will flow more easily, and our Breast Pump has been designed to imitate a baby’s suckling as closely as possible. The best feature of BabyWombWorld’s breast pump is the 3D pump set. Soft silicone flanges and tunnels that fit your nipple and aureole with gentle pressure, vacuum and massage that will pump enough breast-milk for your baby. Our breast pumps have a digital screen, displaying information such as pumping and let-down, suction level (select your comfort level from one to nine) and usage time. Another feature of the Chicture breast pump is the memory function, allowing you to set a suction level you are comfortable with that will automatically be triggered when you use the pump. The 2-phase expression starts off with a short, quick sucking rhythm until your milk starts to flow. The simple up/down buttons allow you to control the vacuum to suit your comfort level as this is when your milk will flow best. Simply plug it in to charge, and then express wherever you are without needing to worry over a plug-point or batteries. This is a quality that you won’t fully appreciate until you’ve gone through months of expressing, having to struggle every time to find a power source. Specifications  Power Input: 100-240V50/60Hz Power Output: DC 10V 1.5A Power Rating: 15W Stimulation Speed: 100T/min Stimulating Pressure: Max -0.018MPa, 9 levels vacuum Expression Speed: 26-60T/min Expression Pressure: Max-0.036MPa, 9 levels vacuum Lithium-ion battery: 7.4V 1800mAh Timer: 30 minutes Overall Noise: 60dB(A) Has been CE, REACH, ROHS approval What’s in the box: 1 x Pump Unit2 x Bottle Stand2 x Wide Neck Bottle with Silicone Breast Shield (21mm)2 x Diaphragm1 x Power Adapter2 x Tubing with connectors2 x Bottle Adapter2 x Nipples2 x Disc Collar2 x Bottle Lid1 x Manual
-20% sale
Elektra Elektra Health Pl... R 1,450.00 R 1,800.00
Elektra - 5.5 Litre Platinum Cool & Warm Steam HumidifierThe Elektra Platinum Cool & Warm Steam Humidifier has a directional mist nozzle and an adjustable mist and humidity output. It is easy to fill and clean. Features: - Ultrasonic - Cool/warm steam - Adjustable mist and humidity output - Remote control - 1-12 Hour times- Easy to fill, easy to clean- Convenient carry handle- Low electricity usage- Silent operation - Directional mist nozzle What's in the boxx 1 Elektra - 5.5 Litre Platinum Cool & Warm Steam Humidifier  
-11% sale
Babywombworld BabyWombWorld Bab... R 1,975.00 R 2,195.00
Baby Food Maker | Baby Food Processor Blender Grinder Steamer | Cooks & Blends Healthy Homemade Baby Food in Minutes | Touch Screen Control | Sterilize & Bottle Warming Too. Specifications VERY SIMPLE & EASY TO USE – Create fresh, healthy, homemade baby food with the touch of a button … Forget juggling multiple pots and pans while your precious bundle of joy is screaming in the corner! Our multi-function Baby Food Processor allows you to STEAM, BLEND, REHEAT and DEFROST … It even STERILIZES! SUPER EASY TO CLEAN – The stirring cup is DISHWASHER SAFE and, unlike our competitors who’s water tanks often harbor mold, ours has a wide opening making it very easy to clean KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE FEEDING YOUR LITTLE ONE – Our unique steaming cycle locks in nutrients, flavors and vitamins ensuring your little one benefits from tasty and healthy homemade food. Modern touch screen control panel allows you to easily select the precise meal consistency from purees to solid. SUITABLE FOR ALL VEGETABLES, FRUIT, MEAT, CHICKEN AND FISH STYLISH AND MODERN DESIGN – Our premium Baby Food Maker fits perfect within any kitchen interior with style. The compact and sleek design makes it the ideal addition to your kitchen worktop but more importantly … LESS CLUTTER! It also makes the PERFECT PREMIUM BABY SHOWER GIFT A FAMILY BRAND YOU CAN ALWAYS TRUST – We are parents ourselves and would never compromise on safety. Our Baby Food Maker is CPSC APPROVED and doesn’t contain any nasties – BPA, PHTHALATE AND LEAD-FREE.
-25% sale
Chicco Kaily Car Seat wi... R 3,450.00 R 4,599.99
Kaily car seat is homologated as Group 0+ (0-13 Kg). Light and functional, it is the best ally for travelling and for everyday strolls from the very beginning. It's practical and super easy to fit in the car, either with or without the base, and it can be easily and quickly attached to compatible strollers. The car seat is the perfect travel ally for little ones who will be rear-facing for the first couple of years of their lives. With standard seat belt installation on the Kaily base, it is a safe and reliable car seat that will click into the base in the car, providing a sophisticated and easy travel experience. Compatible with base for the Best Friend stroller and without base for the Multiride stroller – both by Chicco. Dimensions when open: 72.00 x 47.00 x 0 cm Packaging dimensions: 68.00 x 47.00 x 42.00 cm Package weight: 7.50 kg

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