The year is 2019, the social and economic climate is COVID. A young mom decides to put all her faith into a new and exciting venture she feels passionate about. Enter Somebunny New - founded May 2019 in Potchefstroom. We survived the horrible Covid rollercoaster, the birth of a new baby, the baby steps of a business. We are here, we are ready and we are waiting to serve you.
Here at Somebunny New we believe there is a sweet spot between quality and price - it is our mission to find that sweet spot and be guided by it.
We stock products for moms, by moms. A range of well known brands, locally sourced and some harder to find items can be found in store and online.

We are putting a lot of work into making this baby fully functional and perfect. 

We do ask for patience and guidance from you - our lovely client - as we navigate this new and exciting venture of the online shopping world.

Please don't be shy to drop any comments, suggestions, tweaks and critique ( we thrive on critique - it gives us the chance to improve )

We have a live chat on this site, we even have the app on our phones, so we are available and ready to chat away if you have any questions ( midnight feeding mom - we'll catch your message in the morning, the rest of us are currently sleeping...)

Chat again soon

Thanks For Loving Us.

Hallo, I'm Elmarie

My most important job is being a wife and mother to 2 beautiful girls, aged 3 and 4.  My dream job is being the owner and founder of Somebunny New. 
Let's be real, parenting is tough, it's really tough. I realized this hard truth early on and it has become something of an obsession of mine to find products that make my life easier. Since I am constantly exploring new ways to bring more peace and happiness into our home, especially our parenting journey, I thought "why not turn it into a business", which is exactly what I did and I have never looked back since.

Hi, I'm Kay

The right-hand of the business and familiar face when you walk in the doors. Your friendly go-to manager for anything from “what is a muslin?” to “what do I get for this baby shower?”.I am a wearer of many hats (or hair accessories), and there is nothing I can’t do, or figure out how to do, such as collapsing a pram or helping build a website.

In true Somebunny New fashion: Anything you need? I’ve got you!