Intex Ocean Snapset Pool (1.82m x 38.1cm) Intex Ocean Snapset Pool (1.82m x 38.1cm)
Intex Intex Ocean ... R 370.00
ROBUST MATERIALS & STURDY DESIGN: Featuring 0.43mm thickness environmental-friendly, non-toxic plastic materials, this pool reduces the risk of punctures and delivers long-lasting use.FAMILY FUN: Perfect for 1-4 kids to splash around together outdoors.COOL IN THE HEAT & VERSATILE: Enjoy water fun and stay cool throughout the hot summer with this inflatable pool. Great for indoor, on-the-go, or beach bathing, or use as a ball pit or sandbox. Features:* This type does not need to be inflated, find a flat ground, spread out, and you can use it after filling the bottom with water.And folding for storage, can be folded into the backpack to carry.Single-layer bottom,ideal family paddling pool. What's in the box1 x INTEX 1.83m x 38cm Kids Swimming Pool
Intex Fun At The Beach Snapset Pool (1.5m x 0.25m) Intex Fun At The Beach Snapset Pool (1.5m x 0.25m)
Intex Intex Fun At... R 299.99
The Intex Fun At The Beach Snapset Pool (1.2m x 0.25m) is the ideal solution for a quick, hassle-free aquatic experience - with or without a pool! Specifications:- Weight: 1.47kg- Dimensions: 1.22 x 25cm- Material: Plastic 3+ years What's in the boxx 1 Intex - Snapset Beach Days Pool
Intex Soft Side Pool Intex Soft Side Pool
Intex Intex Soft S... R 499.00
The Intex Soft-Side Pool is an ideal choice for sweltering days when wanting to refresh oneself. Specifications:- Weight: 2.87kg- Dimensions: 1.8 x 46cm- Material: Plastic- Colour: Blue What's in the boxx 1 Intex - Soft-Side Pool
Intex Mushroom Baby Pool (1-3 Years) Intex Mushroom Baby Pool (1-3 Years)
Intex Intex Mushro... R 399.99
The Intex Mushroom Baby Pool is the perfect way for your toddler to beat the heat. A uniquely-shaped mushroom-style sunshade provides UPF 50+ protection and a playful inflatable mushroom buddy will bring a whole lot of fun. Specifications:- Weight: 1.53kg- Dimensions: 1.02 x 89cm- Material: Plastic- Colour: Yellow- Age Group: 1-3 Years What's in the boxx 1 Intex - Mushroom Shade Baby Pool
Tropical Island Baby Pool Tropical Island Baby Pool
Intex Tropical Isl... R 349.99
 The INTEX Tropical Island pool is a perfect addition for young water gamers and adventurers. Crafted with children's safety in mind, its superior PVC construction ensures durability and long-term use. Its soft and secure bottom provides little ones with comfortable footing while they splash around. The paddling pool comes with a small inflatable toy that will diversify the fun. Approximate size when inflated: 1.02m x 86cm Capacity: 13 cm. Wall height: 12 gal (45 litres) Built in palm parasol; a soft inflatable base Repair Patch Age 1-3 Years
Intex Swim Center Sunshade Family Pool Intex Swim Center Sunshade Family Pool
Intex Intex Swim C... R 1,599.99
Take advantage of a sunny day and keep cool; the Intex Swim Center Sunshade Family Pool is designed with a detachable sunshade, padded seating, and backrests to ensure comfort while making a splash. Removable sun shade Convenient drain plug Repair patch included Approximate water capacity:140 gal (530L) Maximum water depth marked on pool wall: About 12in (30cm)
Intex Caticorn Baby Pool Intex Caticorn Baby Pool
Intex Intex Catico... R 400.00
This Intex Caticorn Baby Pool is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Ideal for children aged 1 to 3, it features an integrated parasol to provide protection from the sun. An inflatable bottom provides an extra layer of comfort for gentle swimming. Approximate inflated size: 1.02m x 1.02m Approximate water capacity (Based on recommended maximum water depth about 13cm): (45L) Built-in sunshade Soft inflatable floor Repair patch included Age range: 1-3 years old
Intex Fun Goals Game Intex Fun Goals Game
Intex Intex Fun Go... R 350.00
Bring the Intex Fun Goals Game to your next outdoor gathering for a game of water polo or soccer. The inflatable goal post structure floats in the water, so you can challenge yourself to make a goal. It's easy to set up: just fill the anchor bags with sand to keep the game from drifting away. An inflatable ball is included. Dimensions: 1.40m X 89cmX 81cm Includes: Inflatable ball, anchor bags and grommets on pole base for anchor weights Age grade: 6+
Intex Unicorn Ride-on Intex Unicorn Ride-on
Intex Intex Unicor... R 399.99
This Intex Unicorn Ride-on is a perfect way for kids to stay splashy as they have fun in the water. Two handles provide extra stability as they embark on an enchanting journey filled with rainbow sparkle. Invest in this summertime essential for hours of pool-based entertainment. Deflated size 1.63m x 86cm 0.30mm vinyl Wide base for extra stability 2 air chambers for added safety Durable handles Includes: a repair patch 40kg max weight limit Age 3+
Intex Wave Rider Ride-on Intex Wave Rider Ride-on
Intex Intex Wave R... R 320.00
Your children can experience the thrill of a riding a jet ski with the Intex Wave Rider Ride-on pool float. Its sharp colors and stylish shape make it a must-have for any pool day. The wide base offers increased stability, and the heavy-duty grab handle ensures a safe and secure grip. Now your kids can have an exciting adventure while floating in the pool. Approximate deflated dimensions:117cm X 77cm Equipped with a heavy-duty grab handle for safety Features an extra-wide base for stability Includes: a repair patch Age grading: 3+ 40kg max weight limit
Inflatable Ride-On Pool Float Inflatable Ride-On Pool Float
Intex Inflatable R... from R 240.00
The coolest inflatable pool float ever, this Intex Ride-On pool float will be the hit of every pool party with its realistic design! Equipped with heavy-duty grab handles for safety Includes repair patch Age grading 3+ 40kg max weight limit
Cocomelon Beach Time Deluxe Set Cocomelon Beach Time Deluxe Set
Cocomelon Cocomelon Be... R 695.00
Transform a gloomy day into a vibrant beach experience with CoComelon Family Beach Time Fun Playset! This exciting escapade stars JJ and his siblings TomTom and YoYo, all dressed in their swim apparel. Guide them as they construct a sandcastle before engaging in some fun with the friendly crab in the sand! Features: The crab figurine moves to and fro when the star handle is actuated. Then, your mini-Beach-Goer can take a short break from the playtime using the beach chair, beach towel, and umbrella provided. With the CoComelon Family Beach Time Fun Playset, your child's imagination can reach exquisite heights! 18m+What's in the Box? 1x Beach Playset, 1x JJ Figure, 1x TomTom Figure, 1x YoYo Figure, 1x Sandcastle Accessory, 1x Beach Chair Accessory, 1x Umbrella Accessory, 1x Towel Accessory
Birdie Glow Scooter - Jet Black Birdie Glow Scooter - Jet Black
Birdie Birdie Glow ... R 1,999.00
Birdie Glow Scooters are a unique twist on the classic style and feature embedded LED lights that power up when the ride starts, creating a dynamic glowing effect. High-quality materials and intuitive construction make Birdie a long-term addition to everyday play, from the aircraft-grade aluminium handlebar to the fibre-reinforced nylon deck. With a lean-to-steer frame and ultra-wide, three-wheel design, Birdie is easy to control. Moving left or right is as simple as shifting body weight – providing more stability, enhanced balance, and improved coordination. The reliable stomp brake helps riders stop quickly and safely, whilst the non-slip ergonomic grips provide better handling for smaller hands. The wheels are almost twice as wide as other industry-leading brands. Birdie‘s ultra-wide wheels offer added comfort, safety, and stability when manoeuvring those tricky bumps and corners! Birdie has a fibre reinforced footboard that is commonly used in aerospace and automotive industries and offers a lightweight solution with high tensile strength. Birdie’s fibre-reinforced footboard allows for a safe and stable ride. Designed to be ultra-wide, the Birdie comfortably accommodates kids up to a recommended maximum weight of 50 kg. Prized for its lightweight nature, industrial-grade strength, and resistance to corrosion, aircraft-grade aluminium is used throughout the Birdie’s T-handlebar. Because sometimes regular aluminium just doesn't make the cut. The height-adjustable T-bar makes it easy for your little rider to keep flying, year after year. Move the handlebar to a height that works for now, then adjust as they grow. For the adventures to come. Glow and Go Light-up wheels create a visual thrill ride as the lights remain invisible until the wheels start to turn. Once the rider starts moving, the coloured LED lights embedded within the wheels power on and create a soft, sparkly, glowing effect so you can spin down the street in style. Rider Ready Soft ergonomic grips and a steering system that’s designed to be simple make this a great scooter for riders of all levels. Suitable from age 3+ Key Features Includes a scooter with non-slip grip, durable design and frame, ultra-wide footboards and wheels, lean-to-steer design, three wheels for increased stability, reliable stomp brakes and a height-adjustable T-bar The maximum weight capacity is 50 kg Develops balance, control, confidence and gross-motor skills All pieces are coated with environmentally-friendly paint Beautifully designed in California Complies with rigorous EN-71 & ASTM safety standards Looking for gift ideas? The Glow Scooter is the perfect gift for children between 3 and 8 years old Ideal for birthdays, special occasions or simply as a surprise gift. Material Steel frame / Rubber types Dimensions  Measurements: Length 59.5 x Width 31.8 cm Handlebar height: 93.6 – 69.4 cm Footplate: Widest at 14 cm narrowing to 12 cm at the back brake Care Use warm soapy water to clean any dirt off. Do not use alcohol or cleaning agents on Birdie. What's in the box: 1 x Birdie Glow Scooter - Jet Black
Standing BBQ/Braai Standing BBQ/Braai
Viga Standing BBQ... R 1,050.00
In true South African style, the Standing BBQ Braai is perfect for learning those braai skills early on. Now dad wont be the only one stoking the coals! Invite friends over, and take "kuiers" to a whole new level. Allows for hours of imaginative play, honing mechanical (and social) skills. Features a large grilling surface, 2 skewers, 1 tong, wooden food (meat, seafood and vegetables) and 4 seasoning jars. Rotate the switches for a realistic “click” sounds. Size: 390 x 600 x 260mm Age 3+.