Hide & Squeek Nesting Eggs Hide & Squeek Nesting Eggs
Toomies Hide & Squee... R 150.00
These Hide & Squeak Nesting Eggs love coming out of their shells! That is because when they get together, they’re a perfect fit. Kids will love the way the eggs’ top and bottom halves nest together. Each egg is a different size and colour. Each egg in the family has a distinct happy face that tells its own story. In the middle sits Sora, the yellow baby chick that squeaks when you press down! She fits inside into a shape-sorting heart shape! Nest the bases then match and stack the tops in turn to form one finished egg with all the others hidden inside (perfect for when it is time to put toys away). Or take them all apart and see if you can match all the pieces to make five eggs, plus the little squeaking Sora, the baby chick in her shell. Plus, you have the bonus of a bath time toy: all the pieces have been especially designed so that they love getting wet. There is lots of fun to be had using the shells as pouring cups: scooping up the water and letting it run through different patterned holes. Designed for little hands, this colourful set stimulates colour and shape recognition, sparks the imagination with role play, and fosters motor skills and confidence in water.For boys and girls: Suitable from 6-36 months. No batteries required
PEPPA PIG - Peppa's Unicorn Bath Float PEPPA PIG - Peppa's Unicorn Bath Float
Toomies PEPPA PIG - ... R 275.00
Part of the Peppa Pig toys range from Toomies, this clever bath toy has all the makings of a magical escape. It comes in three parts: a circular base that behaves like a floating ring; a unicorn that sits on top and collects water; plus a little Peppa Pig figure that’s soft and squidgy and rides the unicorn. Take them apart, swap them around and discover the fun! Sit Peppa in the circular ring, fill the unicorn with water and shower her with the water through the base or tilt and sprinkle a trickle through the unicorn’s mouth. Then, take turns with Peppa and discover how she squirts water through her mouth after a quick dip and a squeeze in the tub. Point the jet at the unicorn’s mane for a magical surprise: the mane acts like a paddle you can send in a spin. This versatile toy will grow with your child as she discovers new ways to play, explores cause and effect with the water squirter, develops fine motor skills handling the unicorn, and builds her confidence around water. The unicorn theme inspires all kinds of role play and provides a perfect cue for storytelling. Also available as a combination of George and a dinosaur, part of a larger Toomies Peppa Pig bath toy collection. Drain after use and leave to air dry. Clean the inside regularly by rinsing thoroughly with anti-bacterial or sterilising solution. No batteries required. Suitable for children 18 months and over.It floats: Made up of three parts, Peppa and her Unicorn sit nearly in the floating base.It pours: Fill the unicorn then sieve water through the bottom or tilt to sprinkle through the mouth. It squirts: Peppa Pig figure is a water squirter: squeeze her to power the unicorn’s spinning mane. Imaginative water play: Ideal for storytelling and role play, helps encourage confidence in water and develops fine motor skills.Collectible: Also available is George’s Dinosaur Bath Float, part of a collection of Peppa Pig toys from Toomies.- Dimensions: 160mm H x 160 W x 89 D- Weight: 186g- Colour: Multicoloured
PEPPA PIG - Peppa Pull & Go Pedalo PEPPA PIG - Peppa Pull & Go Pedalo
Toomies PEPPA PIG - ... R 320.00
The PEPPA PIG - Peppa Pull & Go Pedalo makes bath time fun for your little ones! This fun set has a simple pull-string mechanism that sets the paddles and pedalo in motion, while Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig can double as water squirters! It's the perfect way to help your child build confidence in and around water, while developing their gross motor skills. - 18+ months  What's in the box:  * x2 Figurines and their pedalo * x1 floating hoop * x2 water squirters 
Peppa Pig - Peppa's House Bath Playset Peppa Pig - Peppa's House Bath Playset
Toomies Peppa Pig - ... R 490.00
Discover a world of fun with the Peppa Pig House Bath Playset! This exciting playset attaches easily to your bath tub or tiles and includes two levels of interactive play features, including two water pouring windows and a washing machine. Little ones can give Peppa Pig her own bath or slide the arrow switch to send the water down to the ground floor - ready for lots of giggles and splishing and splashing! Let little ones explore cause and effect while building their water confidence with Peppa Pig's House Bath Playset. Featuring an interactive bathtub and shower, a spinning washing machine, two shape-sorting water pourers, and a fun switch to activate the water flow, this bath time toy helps develop fine motor skills and encourages creative storytelling. For use on a DRY surface, side of the bath, or smooth wall. * No batteries required * 18+ months
Greedy Granny Game Greedy Granny Game
Toomies Greedy Grann... R 400.00
Granny adores her biscuits! She loves them so much, she's dozed off with a full tray of them in her lap - what a Gluttonous Granny! Your mission is to snatch a biscuit of each variety off her tray cautiously and discreetly. One slight error could stir her and cause her dentures to fly! Greedy Granny, a mischievous game from TOMY, is sure to give everyone in the family a thrill. Dare you risk it for a biscuit? Or will your move awaken Gran?ny?Ages: 5+ years .2-4 players.No batteries needed
Greedy Granny In A Spin Greedy Granny In A Spin
Toomies Greedy Grann... R 300.00
In Greedy Granny In a Spin, you’ll set her beady, greedy eyes spinning with a push of the hunger plunger. Round and round they go… who knows what they’ll look like when they stop? When they do, the race is on to find the card with the eyes showing on Granny’s face. First to spot the pair that match collects the number of cookies shown on the dial. Play until all the cards are done, or until the biscuits are all gone! The player with the biggest collection of cookies wins the game! It’s fast, it’s frenzied and full of fun! When time comes to put Granny to bed, the set folds up neatly with its own storage compartment for all your cards and toy biscuits. For 2-4 players aged 5+  No batteries required.
Pop Up Pirate Pop Up Pirate
Toomies Pop Up Pirate R 230.00
The classic children's action game! Take turns to slide your swords into the barrel. But be careful as one wrong move will send Black Beard flying. Whose sword will be the first to pop him out of his barrel? Play head-to-head or with up to 4 players.Ages: 4+ Years.
Toomies Quack Along Ducks Toomies Quack Along Ducks
Toomies Toomies Quac... R 340.00
Quack quack! Waddle waddle! Meet all of my little ducks in a row. Let's have lots of fun pulling my ducks. What adventure will we go on today? We love to quack and waddle. Toomies love to have fun: It’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re full of little surprises that will delight you and your child because we know memories are formed when laughter is shared!Ages: 10+ MonthsIncludes: 3 x LR44
Toomies Hide & Squeak Egg Stackers Toomies Hide & Squeak Egg Stackers
Toomies Toomies Hide... R 330.00
They squeak, they fit together, they stack, and they tumble down! Little ones will love all the things they can do with this happy half-dozen Hide & Squeak® Egg Stackers.Each egg comes apart to reveal a cheeping chick inside that children as young as six months will find fascinating. Small enough for little hands to handle, they’ll enjoy reassembling the shells, exploring the contrasting, curious faces and discovering their egg cup bases.As toddlers grow towards their next play milestone, they will be able to match the bright, bold colours to pair up complete eggs, and sit them on their matching egg cups – both by colour and by sorting different shapes – each egg is made to fit a particular egg cup. The fun doesn’t end there: as their confidence and play skills continue to grow, they can practise counting up from one to six, using the numbers printed on the egg cups, and enjoy stacking the eggs one above the other to create a giant tower.More challenging, but more rewarding than stacking traditional cubes! The set comes in a handy gift-style pack, complete with a cord carry-handle. No batteries required. Suitable for children 6-36 months. For boys and girls: Suitable from 6-36 months. No batteries required.
TOOMIES - Pop Up T-Rex TOOMIES - Pop Up T-Rex
Toomies TOOMIES - Po... R 360.00
Pop Up T-Rex from TOMY Games takes you right to the heart of Jurassic World! It’s like travelling back in time millions of years… Rumour has it there’s a dinosaur trying to escape from his crate, just itching to get out. The only way to discover if he’s trapped or on the loose is to slide something through the sides of the cretaceous crate. Heart rates will rise, fingers will quiver… Will you be the one to upset T-rex? To play, take turns to slide one of your coloured dinosaur bones into one of the slots right around the crate. If nothing happens, you’re safe. You can breathe. But wham! If you make Dinosaur pop, you’re out of the park and out of the game! Press and twist the dinosaur back into the crate and keep taking turns. Nobody knows which slot will make him pop next – it’s different every time! Keep playing in rounds. The last surviving explorer left behind wins the game! Dinosaur fans young and old will love this exciting game that’s quick to set up and easy to learn, but always leaves you wondering what will happen next. One wrong move and you’re dinosaur dinner! Contains: 1 T-rex dinosaur, 1 crate, 24 bones and instructions. Family fun: Suitable for boys, girls and older explorers too. For 2-4 players aged 4 years and up
TOOMIES - Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs TOOMIES - Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs
Toomies TOOMIES - Sp... R 450.00
Toomies' Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs bring the marvel of Jurassic World to the next generation of kids! Designed to support developmental play for babies and toddlers, these dinosaur toys include five vibrant classic dinos: T.rex, raptor, stegosaurus, triceratops & Pteranodon. Give each cute creature a shake and hear its distinct growling noise. To boost logic & problem-solving skills, kids must match each creature to its corresponding shell color. Populate the spinning incubator with each of the five eggs and turn the lever. As the eggs spin faster and faster, they'll hatch into the dino world! Kids can line up dinos & shells or return them to the storage incubator. As they explore, they'll refine their fine motor skills & learn action & reaction. Let the fun begin with Toomies' Jurassic World!of fun! Fun Toys for Girls & Boys: 12m+No batteries required!
TOOMIES - Pic & Push T-Rex TOOMIES - Pic & Push T-Rex
Toomies TOOMIES - Pi... R 620.00
Toomies' Pic & Push T-Rex helps to introduce a new generation to the wonder of the Jurassic era. T his large, engaging activity toy is designed to stimulate and challenge toddlers & beginning walkers as they develop their gross motor skills. Push the T-Rex along the floor using the easy-grip handle and roll the colourful rocks into the Gyrosphere - they'll love watching them magically be picked up as they go! The Gyrosphere can also be used separately - perfect for playtime on the floor. Whatever way your little one chooses to play, Toomies welcomes them to an exciting world of fun! Fun Toys for Girls & Boys: 12m+No batteries required
TOOMIES - Dino Rescue Ranger TOOMIES - Dino Rescue Ranger
Toomies TOOMIES - Di... R 450.00
Toomies brings that wonder to a new generation with the Jurassic World Dino Rescue Ranger! These dinosaur toys are ready for adventure and designed to encourage developmental play for babies and toddlers. Introducing the Dino Rescue Ranger. Onboard the rescue car is the youngster Triceratops. Activate the baby dino to create a delightfully fierce roar or place them in the driver’s seat…observe the spin as the car is moved! Secure the trailer to the car, and prepare to transport the struggling Brachiosaurus to the vet. The trailer is multifunctional, transforming into a push & go vehicle. Place the included rescue gear into the designated slots, then press down on the Brachiosaurus' head for it to race away. Developing gross motor skills comes from chasing the car, and stimulating logic, problem solving, and fine motor skills arises from matching the supplied rescue gear shapes to the trailer. There is no wrong way to have fun. Toomies welcomes little explorers to a Jurassic World full of fun! Fun Toys for Girls & Boys: 12+ months No batteries required
PEPPA PIG - Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat PEPPA PIG - Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat
Toomies PEPPA PIG - ... R 350.00
Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat lets the little ones explore the waterways in a fun and educational way! It comes with two water pour towers, a spinning wheelhouse with a shower, and a hull that can capture and pour out water. Plus, all three pieces fit neatly inside the ocean blue hull, making for an easy storage solution. Make waves with Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat! Grandpa Pig's Splash & Pour Boat offers four clever ways to make waves of fun. Pour water in two separate sections to cause a sprinkle or shower and spin the paddle wheelhouse. Comes with soft-touch Peppa Pig and Grandpa Pig figures that can also squirt water. Perfect for developing motor skills and growing confidence around water. A must-have collectible in the Peppa Pig toy range. * No batteries required * 18+ months