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Let'sGo Portable Bottle Warmer Let'sGo Portable Bottle Warmer
Tommee Tippee Let'sGo Portable Bottle Warmer R 1,699.99
Let'sGo's Portable Baby Bottle Warmer lets you heat breast milk or formula quickly and accurately. Three settings allow you to choose the right temperature for your baby - 37°, 40°C, and 45°C - in only 10 minutes*. Its lightweight and compact design means it fits easily into any bag, allowing you to take it along for convenient feeding wherever you go. Take your feed anywhere with Let'sGo Portable Bottle Warmer. This practical and convenient device warms formula or breast milk to body temperature (37°C) in just 10 minutes*. Easily transportable, the lightweight and compact unit fits perfectly in your handbag or changing bag; USB-chargeable, it provides enough power for 7 bottles per charge. It also includes 2 adaptors designed for Tommee Tippee bottles (excluding glass). With slow heating technology, it eliminates hotspots and preserves nutrients in every feed. 3 temperature settings (37°C / 40°C / 45°C) offer options to suit baby's preference. Simple to use; simply connect the bottle, turn it upside down, switch on, and select desired temp. It will beep when finished.
Medela Calma Solitaire - Teat Only Medela Calma Solitaire - Teat Only
Medela Medela Calma Solitaire - Tea... R 459.00
Our latest studies with researchers from the University of Western Australia show that creating a vacuum is essential to successfully breastfeed. Babies learn very early on that they have to produce a vacuum for the breastmilk to flow. Their natural way of sucking requires intensive work during breastfeeding! Calma - the unique breastmilk teat for your babyFor a mother looking for a solution to feed her child breastmilk, Calma is ideal. Calma was developed based on the results of our studies with the University of Western Australia. That's why Calma is the unique teat for babies who are being breastfed with breastmilk, as it allows them to suck, swallow and breathe, as learned on the breast. Whether you breastfeed or use Calma, the baby has to create a vacuum for breastmilk to flow. As soon as the baby pauses, the flow is stopped, this is also the way with breastfeeding. Benefits of using Calma: Calma’s flow, shape and length are designed to suit your baby's needs as your baby grows. Calma teats help the baby to avoid swallowing air during the feed, as they are regulated by a unique venting system. Made in Switzerland, from BPA-free materials. One size and shape fits all Safe drinking – the baby does not swallow air during the feed BPA free and Swiss made – safe for you and your baby What's in the box: 1x Calma Solitaire Bottle Teat
Medela Mini SpecialNeeds Feeder Medela Mini SpecialNeeds Feeder
Medela Medela Mini SpecialNeeds Feeder R 929.99
The SpecialNeeds Feeder offers you a way to feed your baby breast milk if he is physically unable to drink it from the breast or a bottle – read on to find out more The Mini SpecialNeeds Feeder provides relief from lengthy and stress-filled feedings because its innovative design rewards the weakest suck, never floods, and helps reduce gas, vomiting and colic associated with air swallowed while feeding. Use for oral/facial problems such as cleft lip/palate or for feeding/sucking problems. Mini-SpecialNeeds Feeders are designed for premature babies with facial or oral problems that hinder their ability to breastfeed. Assists babies with cleft palate and other special feeding problems. Provides ability to control feed rate. Fits all Medela breastpumps. Sterile and ready-to-use. Made without BPA. How the Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder works Instead of a standard teat, the Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder has a longer, slimmer teat made of ultra-soft silicone. There’s a slit valve at the tip that opens when your baby makes the slightest compression to feed and closes when he pauses, so he isn’t overwhelmed by your expressed milk. The line-mark on the teat helps you find the best position for feeding your baby. When your baby compresses the teat, the milk will flow at different rates depending on the teat’s position. You can also gently squeeze the teat to help your baby get more milk. A one-way valve between the feeder’s bottle and teat allows you to safely control the flow and stops air getting in. For the smallest mouths, a Mini SpecialNeeds Feeder teat is available. Both the standard and mini versions are reusable if cleaned and sanitised according to instructions. When to use a SpecialNeeds Feeder For some babies, using a special feeder such as the Mini SpecialNeeds Feeder means they no longer need to be tube-fed. If your baby can latch on but doesn’t have the strength or energy to take all the milk he requires from your breast, it can be an effective way of topping up his breastfeeds with expressed milk to meet his nutritional needs. This is important, because many babies with special needs can be discharged from hospital if they’re able to get the milk they need to grow properly. So a SpecialNeeds Feeder could make all the difference between your baby staying in hospital and going home. If your baby needs surgery, the Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder can also be an effective way of feeding him in the short term if he’s too sore or weak to breastfeed after an operation. Using the Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder If you think you or your baby may need support with feeding, seek advice from a lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist. They may advise you to use the SpecialNeeds Feeder. If they do, ask them to supervise your first couple of feeds using the device. They can also advise you on the amounts of expressed milk to give. Your baby might only need the SpecialNeeds Feeder for a little while. As he grows and becomes stronger, he may learn to take your milk directly from your breasts. Even if the feeder works well for you, it’s always worth continuing to offer the breast at every feed. What's in the box: 1 - 80mL collection container 1 - Mini SpecialNeeds teat 1 - collar 1 - disc 1 - membrane