2-in-1 Camp Cot & Co Sleeper

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2-in-1 Camp Cot & Co Sleeper

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Product description
The one item your child is most probably going to spend the most time in is his/her bed. And what many parents don’t realize is that a baby gets very familiar with this environment. Some parent want a cot in the room and one for travel and as soon as the travel their little one is not happy as you have taken him/her away from their familiar surroundings. But with the BabyWombWorld 2-in-1 camp cot you don’t have that problem. You have a bed suitable from birth until your child is ready for his/her own bed!

Suitable from:
– Birth to 3 years (maximum weight 20kg)

A baby camp cot or referred to as a travel cot can provide benefits to the child. Regular use of a camp cots means that a baby will become used to a sleeping environment outside the usual baby cot which means that they are more likely to go to sleep quicker when they are travelling and sleep for longer and more soundly when they have gone to sleep.

Many parents today are using the camp cot as standard baby cots, eliminating the need for traditional wooden baby cots. Having a portable baby cot next to your bed for the first couple of weeks is the preferred choice for new moms and dads. Baby Camp cots have a collapsible frame and a removable mattress. They can also be used as a playpen when the baby is a little older.

But many parents go with a more traditional wooden cot, that will make a beautiful addition to your nursery and often comes with the option to turn into a bed for when your child reaches that stage.

BabyWombWorld has now developed a camping cot that hopefully will satisfy almost all the needs and requirements of a modern-day parent. The BabyWombWorld camp cot is made from 300D mélange fabric giving it a stylish look and feel in a light grey/blue colour. The camp cot is lightweight, therefore making them easier to pack up and transport. The cot can become a bassinet, which is suited for smaller babies. Once baby can support themselves, parents can remove the bassinet from the camp cot. You can also turn the camp cot into a co-sleeper by dropping the one side as shown below.

With the camp cot in the bassinet (upper) position, the BabyWombWorld camp cot has a zipped door at the bottom to allow for the storage of nappies, blankets of anything a parent will find suitable to store in the bottom section.

  • Carton Size: 80.5 x 26.5 x 30 cm
  • Gross Product Weight: 11.8 kg
  • Size if Product Assembled: 102 x 70 x 77 cm
  • If you would like to purchase a thicker mattress, you would need a standard mattress size 96 x 63 cm, a standard mattress size 95 x 66 cm will fit in our camp cot as well (Please note we do not sell mattresses separately)
  • Please NOTE this camp cot does not include a fitted sheet!!
  • A standard camp cot mattress can be used for the cot (660×940)
  • Materials: 300D melange fabric
  • Safety: Certified EN716 standard
  • Age: from birth until 20 kg
  • Simple: The camp cot is lightweight, making it easier to pack up and transport
  • Can double as a playpen later on
  • Comes with a carry bag.

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