AngelSounds Fetal Doppler

R 1,150.00

AngelSounds Fetal Doppler

R 1,150.00
Product description

AngelSounds Pocket Fetal Doppler

Want to check in with your little one? AngelSounds Fetal Doppler is the best way to hear your unborn baby's heartbeat and movements. You can even record and share with family and friends! If you're worried about your baby's health, our home doppler has a standard fetal monitor recording mode, which will also let you hear the sounds of your uterus.


  • Colour LCD screen
  • Easy to operate and accurate
  • Clinically tested
  • Fetal activity detectable from 16 weeks
  • Recording available
  • Battery included
  • 24cm (L) x 6.5cm (H) x 13.5 (D) 400g (W)

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