Comfort Toilet Potty

R 650.00

Comfort Toilet Potty

R 650.00
Product description

he Snuggletime Comfort Toilet Seat Potty looks and sounds like a real toilet and feautures a comfortable cushioned seat. A realistic toilet flushing sound rewards your toddler, every time they use it. This little toilet is a sure way of getting your toddler excited about the potty training process.


- Flushing sound to reward toddler
- Comfort - soft cushioned toilet seat
- Safe - non-slip stable base
- Hygienic - easy to clean reservoir and lid that closes
- Can be used from 18+ months and up to 20kg

- Dimensions: 450mm H x 250 W x 290 D (TO CONFIM FROM NOTES)
- Weight: 2200g
- Colour: White with Grey Trims

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