Groclock - Ollie

R 750.00

Groclock - Ollie

R 750.00

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Product description

The Groclock assists young children with comprehending when it is time to wake up, as they are not yet able to interpret a traditional clock.


The backlight of the device can be dimmed or completely disabled. Perfect for providing illumination during night-time restroom visits or for offering a comforting presence in the bedroom.


As your child gets older, you can choose to set the audible alarm – perfect for routine wake-up times.


The clock's digital display can be activated, allowing parents to demonstrate what time it is - a helpful tool for when kids first start mastering telling time.

• Tells the time with colours and pictures: Perfect when sleep training toddlers, the easy to understand pictures help little ones understand when it’s time to get up and when it’s time to stay in bed
• USB powered: Mains powered by a 3.5mm USB cable (1.8m length) and adaptor plug. The USB adaptor plug is not included but the cable is compatible with most USB plugs used as phone chargers
• Adjustable brightness: The screen brightness can be turned down or turned off completely. Ideal as a nightlight for comfort and reassurance or for when your toddler needs a night-time toilet trip
• Digital clock: The optional digital clock feature is ideal for when your little one starts to learn digital time
• 2 time settings and audible alarm: With 2 settings you can set a different weekday, weekend or naptime wake up times and the optional audible alarm features is perfect for routine wake up times
• Sustainable packaging: To help reduce our environmental impact, our Groclock sleep trainer is packaged in plastic-free and 100% fully recyclable cardboard packaging.

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1x Groclock Ollie