Leapfrog Count Along Basket and Scanner

R 1,250.00

Leapfrog Count Along Basket and Scanner

R 1,250.00
Product description

Engage little shoppers with an interactive, talking scanner, eight play foods and a shopping basket that transforms into a cart.

The cute Count-Along Basket & Scanner transforms from a hand basket into a rolling cart to encourage active play. Little shoppers use the interactive, talking scanner and scan the eight play foods to learn about a variety of food groups, colors, shapes and numbers. Hear fun phrases and melodies and play learning games to search for clues. Let’s “brocc” and roll!

Three Play Modes
Scan to explore Learn, Count and Game modes. The talking scanner recognizes each food piece.

Record A Story
Record your own voice reading children their favorite story or song or create something original for a playback surprise.

Funny Foods
Use the scanner to hear the silly personalities of each food piece through music and unique phrases.

Shopping Surprise
Scan all the items on the double-sided shopping lists for encouraging songs and phrases.

What's Inside:

  • 8x Food
  • 3x Shopping lists
  • 1x Count-Along Basket & Scanner

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