ASSTD Colours Owlet 4 Backup Socks ASSTD Colours Owlet 4 Backup Socks
Owlet ASSTD Colours Owlet 4 Backup... R 1,950.00
Your Ultimate Baby Monitoring Solution!Crafted from backup fabric, these socks guarantee you're never without the essential monitoring your little one deserves. The Smart Sock utilizes cutting-edge pulse oximetry technology to track your baby's pulse and oxygen levels through a discreet electronic sensor attached to a cozy fabric sock. Stay reassured as the alarm alerts you via the base station if readings deviate from the established norms for babies aged 0-18 months. For added convenience, download the Owlet app to receive instant notifications and comprehensive readings directly on your phone.The sock's electronic seamlessly connects to the base station through Bluetooth, while the app functionality requires WiFi. Invest in the Owlet baby monitor for a deeper understanding of your baby's well-being and to enjoy restful nights without the guesswork.Key Features:Soft and Comfortable FabricHypoallergenic and HandwashableSecure Straps for Fast, Easy FasteningSpecifically Designed for Smart Sock 3 SensorsSuitable for Babies 0 to 18 Months**Smart Sensor and Base Sold SeparatelyWhat's in the Box?*Each set includes 4 fabric socks for left and right feet: 2 Size 1 Newborn socks and 2 Size 2 Infant socks.Socks fit babies 5 to 30 lbs. (2.26 kg to 13.6 kg) **Please note: Smart Sensor and Base Station are not included. Compatible only with Smart Sock 3 for optimal performance. Elevate your baby monitoring experience with Fabric Socks today!
Owlet Cam 2 - White/Sleepy Sage Owlet Cam 2 - White/Sleepy Sage
Owlet Owlet Cam 2 - White/Sleepy Sage R 4,500.00
Introducing the Owlet Cam 2 – your window to reassurance, no matter where you are. Experience the peace of mind that comes with high-definition video and night vision, all conveniently streamed to your phone. With AES 128-bit encryption, the Owlet Cam 2 sets a new standard in security, outclassing traditional analog monitors. Gain comprehensive insights into your baby's world with the Cam 2's wide-angle view and 4x zoom capabilities. Uncover the subtle cues that often precede crying, thanks to video clips triggered by sound, motion, or crying notifications. Never miss a moment or overlook important signals again; the Owlet Cam 2 brings you closer to your little one, even from the next room.Take control of your baby's sleep routine with the Owlet Dream App. Manually log sleep events and leverage Owlet's innovative Predictive Sleep Technology to determine the optimal time for their next nap. For seamless sleep tracking, pair the Cam 2 with the Owlet Dream Sock (available separately).Stay connected and provide comfort with the two-way talk feature, allowing you to soothe your baby from any location. Keep an ear on the audio from their room while multitasking on your phone. Monitor the live room temperature and humidity readings for a complete picture of your baby's environment.Key Features: Stream secure 1080p HD video and audio remotely AES 128-bit encryption ensures superior security 4x zoom, wide-angle view, and night vision for clear visibility Monitor temperature and humidity in real-time Receive video clips with sound, motion, and cry notifications Background audio allows for simultaneous phone use Manual Predictive Sleep Technology via the Dream App Owlet warranty: limited one year Invest in the Owlet Cam 2 for unparalleled peace of mind and a closer connection to your baby's world.   What's in the box1 x Owlet Cam 2 HD and Mounting Base
Owlet Smart Sock 3 & Cam 2 Bundle Owlet Smart Sock 3 & Cam 2 Bundle
Owlet Owlet Smart Sock 3 & Cam 2 B... R 12,999.00
Elevate your parenting experience with the new Monitor Duo, combining the cutting-edge technology of the Smart Sock 3 and the advanced features of the Cam 2. This dynamic duo provides a holistic view of your baby's well-being, seamlessly blending real-time monitoring of heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep trends with the convenience of streaming HD video—all in one centralized platform.Keep a vigilant eye on what matters most by tracking your baby's vital signs and sleep patterns. Receive instant notifications if readings fall outside the preset zones, ensuring you're always informed and ready to respond. With sound, motion, and cry detection, gain insights into your baby's needs before the tears start.The Owlet Cam 2, an enhanced version of the Cam 1, offers live event viewing and historical clips through automatic video recording triggered by sound, motion, or your baby's cries. These insightful video clips accompany notifications, allowing you to anticipate waking moments and understand your baby's sleep routines.The Cam 2 boasts crystal-clear 1080p video, a 130-degree wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom, and motion sensor notifications via the app. Experience top-tier night vision for quality visibility in low-light conditions. The two-way audio feature lets you monitor your baby's noises and provide soothing reassurance remotely. Security is paramount, with AES 128-bit encryption and TLS connection ensuring footage streams only to your designated devices.Additional Features:Sound, motion, and cry notifications with adjustable sensitivityRoom temperature and humidity sensor for a comfortable environmentSafe Wall Mounting Kit for flexible placement, ensuring cables are out of reachVersatile placement options, including flat surfaces and wall mountingSmart Sock 3 Features: Tracks heart rate and oxygen levels with pulse oximetry technology Measures sleep trends, total hours slept, wake-ups, and sleep quality 16-hour battery life with quick wireless charging (8 hours in 20 minutes, full charge in 90 minutes) Fits babies from 0 to 18 months with two included fabric sock sizes for both left and right feet Please Note: The Smart Sock is not a medical device and is intended to assist in tracking your baby's well-being, not replace parental supervision. It is not suitable for co-sleeping or bed-sharing and should not be used when the baby is in motion (e.g., in a car seat or stroller). What's in the Box:1 x Owlet Smart Sock 31 x Owlet Cam 2 HD and Mounting BaseInvest in the Monitor Duo for unparalleled peace of mind and a comprehensive understanding of your baby's health and happiness.
Owlet Smart Sock 3 - Original Mint Owlet Smart Sock 3 - Original Mint
Owlet Owlet Smart Sock 3 - Origina... R 9,995.00
Elevate your parenting experience with the award-winning Owlet Smart Sock 3, the most advanced baby monitor designed to provide you with unparalleled insights into your baby's well-being. As the third generation of the acclaimed Smart Sock series, it's smarter than ever, ensuring you can rest easy while your little one sleeps peacefully.Track your child's heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends effortlessly from the first night at home to the exciting first day of school. The Smart Sock 3 offers real-time readings accessible through the free Owlet App, allowing you to stay connected with your baby's well-being at every milestone. Enjoy peace of mind as the Smart Sock notifies you if readings deviate from the preset zones, ensuring you're there when your child truly needs you.Key Features:Advanced Monitoring: The small electronic sensor, cleverly integrated into a comfortable 'sock,' utilizes pulse oximetry to measure your baby's pulse and oxygen levels—the most critical indicators of well-being.Alarm Notifications: If readings fall outside the norm for babies aged 0-18 months, the base station alerts you with an alarm, ensuring you can respond promptly to your baby's needs.Owlet App Connectivity: Download the Owlet App to your smartphone for instant notifications and detailed readings, providing you with comprehensive insights into your baby's health.Bluetooth Connectivity: The Smart Sock's electronic sensor seamlessly connects to the base station via Bluetooth, ensuring a reliable and secure link.WiFi Operation: While the Smart Sock operates with Bluetooth connectivity, the Owlet App requires WiFi to provide you with continuous access to your baby's vital readings.Invest in the Owlet Smart Sock 3 for a truly informed approach to your baby's well-being, and bid farewell to the uncertainties of parenting. The package includes the pulse oximetry sensor, two sock sizes for the left and right foot, the base station, and charging cords with an adaptor.What's in the Box:1 x Owlet Smart Sock 3 - MintTake the proactive step in understanding your baby's health—choose Owlet, where peace of mind meets cutting-edge technology.
Owlet Smart Sock 3 Toddler Extension Pack Owlet Smart Sock 3 Toddler Extension Pack
Owlet Owlet Smart Sock 3 Toddler E... R 3,150.00
Introducing the Owlet Extension Pack—an innovative solution designed to seamlessly extend the monitoring capabilities of your Owlet Smart Sock 3 as your child continues to grow and reach new milestones. Now, you can effortlessly track your child's heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep trends up to 5 years of age, ensuring their well-being remains a top priority. Our Extension Pack includes two toddler-sized fabric socks, meticulously crafted for both left and right feet, catering to children weighing between 30 to 55 lbs (13.5 to 25 kgs). These socks effortlessly integrate with your existing Sock 3 sensor, offering a comfortable and secure fit for your growing child. Key Features: Extended Monitoring: With the Owlet Extension Pack, continue monitoring your child's vital signs beyond infancy, providing valuable insights into their well-being as they journey through every developmental stage. Optimized Technology: Our advanced technology ensures accurate and reliable readings even as your child grows, maintaining the precision you've come to expect from Owlet. From Teething to Toothfairy: Capture every moment—from the teething troubles to the magical visits from the tooth fairy—our Extension Pack supports you in keeping a watchful eye on your child's health. What's Included: Two toddler-sized fabric socks (left and right feet) Weight Range: 30lbs to 55lbs (13.5 to 25 kgs) Invest in the Owlet Extension Pack to seamlessly transition with your child through each milestone, ensuring their health and safety are prioritized at all times. Embrace peace of mind as your child grows, knowing you have the trusted support of Owlet's advanced monitoring technology. Choose Owlet—where innovation meets the evolving needs of your growing family.