Breathe - Motion Sensor Mat

R 810.00

Breathe - Motion Sensor Mat

R 810.00

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Product description


Experience peace of mind and restful nights with the Bebcare Breathing Sensor Mat. New parents understand the need for frequent checks on their little one's breathing. Our mat features three piezoelectric sensors in every board. Piezo film is known for its reliable sensitivity towards detecting vital signs when coming into direct contact with the skin or with a layer between. Mounts transfer breath pressure from the board into the sensor. The processor can sense unusual breathing patterns and alert the parents if a break in breath happens. Should extra coverage be desired, two boards can be linked together easily.

Taking only 3 AA batteries to ensure two months of battery life, the mat operates when used in conjunction with a Bebcare iQ, Motion, or Hear Baby Monitor.  Sleep well through the night knowing your child is safely, and happily asleep.


  • Fully wireless
  • Operating frequency 863 – 870MHz
  • Battery life 7-8 weeks.
  • Wireless technology with ultra-low power safe signal.
  • Piezo-electric motion sensor technology is well suited to the detection of vital signs.
  • Fully adjustable sensitivity
  • Functions breathing indicator, LED, Alarm snooze.
  • Designed to be placed underneath breathable and foam cot mattresses. Does not operate with hollow or memory foam mattresses.
  • Required a hard-bottomed surface to operate correctly.
  • Operates using 3x AA batteries providing 7-8 weeks battery life (when good quality AA alkaline or rechargeable** batteries are used).
  • **Unit does not recharge rechargeable batteries. Please ensure you have a battery charger.
  • Breathing warnings sent to the parent unit (sold separately).
  • Bebcare monitors support only ONE breath mat accessory and can only track ONE baby. If you need to track two babies, you will need to purchase 2 Bebcare baby monitors, with 2 separate breath sensor mats.
  • Approx 30x60cm

Compatible with:

  • Bebcare iQ Wifi Video Baby Monitor
  • Bebcare Motion Video Baby Monitor
  • Bebcare Hear Audio Baby Monitor

What’s included:

  • 1 x Breathing Sensor Mat
  • 1 x Information card detailing our digital user manual (further troubleshooting instruction videos are also available)
  • *To be used in conjunction with Bebcare monitors. Does not operate on it's own